the Royal Mile : part 3

The bus stops here. | Emma Lamb

Happy, happy Friday my lovelies! We're on the final leg of our wee tour of the Royal Mile, was that a wee sigh of relief I heard from some of you!? Hehe! Anyhoo, after the fun of the Fringe all we need to do is wander up to the fabulous Edinburgh castle, dodge a few more tourist trap shops along the way and take in some of the more visit worthy attractions such as The Witchery, Camera Obscura and The Scottish Whisky Experience. I definitely recommend leaving the whisky tasting til the end as a wee tipple or two before taking on Camera Obscura's optical illusions might not be such a great idea! Enjoy...

I love this Castle Antiques sign... :) | Emma Lamb
The Tolbooth Kirk... now The Hub events venue. | Emma Lamb
Flying the flags. | Emma Lamb
The lone piper... !? | Emma Lamb
The Witchery... the most stunning Gothic hotel and restaurant I will ever see! | Emma Lamb
Scots do like to drink... especially whisky! | Emma Lamb
Having a wee bit of fun with mirrors outside Camera Obscura. | Emma Lamb
Lots of patriotic Scots blue on the Castle Hill. | Emma Lamb
A true Scotsman... !? | Emma Lamb
Robert the Bruce and William Wallace... guarding Edinburgh castle's gate. | Emma Lamb
The end... :) | Emma Lamb

Well my lovelies, I do hope you enjoyed this wee tour and maybe I've even persuaded you to make a wee trip over here some time!? I know you will love it, Edinburgh is such a beautiful and inspiring city!

Now I'm off to get myself organised! I have a bunch of exciting things I'm working just now, which I will be able to tell you about very soon, but with the chaos that has been going on here lately I feel like I'm playing catch up just a wee bit too much. I need to get on top of things and get organised with lists, an organised calendar and a damn good tidy up wouldn't go amiss either, both my studio and computer desk are drowning in piles of chaos! Right then I had best get to it...

I hope you all have an amazing weekend!
Emma, x

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  1. I have enjoyed my virtual trip Emma..your a great tour guide..lovely photos!!

  2. Hi Emma, loving your trip of Edinburgh! Me & the hubbie had a long weekend up there last year and it really is the most beautiful city. Also we found the best fudge shop ever; a cute little shop tucked down one of those clsssic little back streets - scrumptious was an understatement :) Hope you manage to get all your jobs done :) have a lovely bank holiday weekend x

  3. Emma, I absolutely loved seeing every bit of the Mile. Years after my visit to Edinburgh, I still remember a delicious fish soup dinner at a tiny little restaurant down a narrow road off the Royal Mile. Wish I could remember its name as well as I remember how good the soup (more of a stew, actually) was.

    Best wishes on clearing the chaos...something I never quite manage to accomplish myself. xo

  4. What a wonderful trip, I do love the vintage bus :)

  5. Oh I'm so pleased to see that Braveheart is still outside the weaving mill!! ;)
    Have a great weekend Emma!
    Vivienne x

  6. Your tour has definitely inspired me to add Edinburgh to my list of places to visit. It doesn't hurt that I love a man in a kilt too.

  7. Thank you so much, dear Emma, to bring back ones of my dearest memories:I was in Edinburgh, for a whole week, in....1994.And from then on I do love...Scottish!

    I will read and reread "the Royal Mile" posts and any other post of Edinburgh or Scotland!
    My best thoughts!
    Thank you!

  8. Such lovely memories when I saw your pictures. I got engaged to my husband in Edinburgh 3 years ago... I'd love to go back.


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