the Royal Mile : part 2

Hello again my lovelies!I am so thrilled you enjoyed yesterday's 'Royal Mile : part 1' post. There are so many things to see and do there that it is impossible to capture them all in one wee walk. You guys will just have to visit sometime if you want to see them all for yourself!

Let the festivities begin... ! | Emma Lamb

Today I have been sorting through all the Fringe Festival photos I took, I must admit I had great fun re-living them! All these pics are from one wee stretch of the Royal Mile around St. Giles' Cathedral, between the junctions at North Bridge and George IV Bridge. That is one wee block with a whole lot of people and a whole lot of fabulous things to see! I shall let my pictures do the talking, enjoy...

Colourful details and crowds of people on the Fringe. | Emma Lamb
One man and his puppet... ! | Emma Lamb
Perfordian Factory... the amazing babbling babies from Korea. | Emma Lamb
A carnival atmosphere with lots of great comedy acts... :) | Emma Lamb
Drawing huge crowds... the goal of every performer! | Emma Lamb
Fabulous costumes... ! | Emma Lamb
A quiet moment... | Emma Lamb
From the Fire... A dramatic oratorio created in honor of the centennial of the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire. | Emma Lamb
Diamond Dick... A Tale of Heartbreak and adventure on the streets of New York, inspired by Mr Fitzgerald. | Emma Lamb
five minute break... :) | Emma Lamb
A wee craft fair at the front of St. Giles' Cathedral | Emma Lamb
The end... ! | Emma Lamb

I know, fabulous isn't it... !?

Although my Man might disagree slightly as he has to battle through these excitable crowds every day just to get to his work... that is every day for a whole month, yikes!

Emma, x

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  1. I love these pics - lots of creativity going on there! :-)

  2. Well, you were there on a dryer day than us! It's always such fun, though. Thanks for the great photos.

  3. Haha! Floss, that is the beauty of living just down the road from all the festivities! I can easily choose when to go see them ... :) x

  4. Oh that's ok! Thank you!

  5. Thanks for the pics Emma.We are in Edinburgh from 12/9 and we are so looking forward to visiting our ancestors birthplace. So much to see between Edinburgh and Glasgow. Can't wait to have some time on the Isle of Mull as well.

  6. Brilliant!! :)
    I have made up my mind, I will definitely be in Edinburgh next August! Haven't been since 2009, absolutely due a trip and I love the buzz of the Festival.
    Vivienne x

  7. It all looks so amazing, I'd love to go too, have never been to the festival but love the city, your pics are great :)
    x x Jane x x

  8. Lee Marrs ~ I must apologise for such a late reply with this info on yarn stores in Edinburgh, as you know things have been a wee bit chaotic around here lately... !
    Anyhoo, if you are on Ravelry ( you can do a wee search under the 'yarns' tab for all the local yarn shops in Scotland. The most noteworthy in Edinburgh are K1Yarns near the Grassmarket which stocks a lot of indie yarns and McAree Brothers near Stockbridge which holds more commercial brands. Both locations are great for some touristy stuff too... of course the Grassmarket is right by the castle and Stockbridge backs onto the Botanical gardens.
    I do hope that helps and I apologise again for being so tardy! I do hope you have a fabulous time when you visit... :)
    Emma, x

  9. Yay, Vivienne!!! I knew you would be the first one to be persuaded... ;) x

    Jane, if can plan a trip during the festival it will be so worth it... the atmosphere in the city centre is amazing and I am sure you would love it! x


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