the Royal Mile : part 1

Hello my lovelies! So last week, before I was so rudely interrupted by a series of unfortunate events, I was sorting through a whole bunch of photos I wanted to share with you. I wanted to show you guys a wee snippet of Edinburgh and bring you a wee taste of the Fringe festival atmosphere (remember last year I blogged a few summery shots and these fireworks pics!?). So one day, a couple of weeks ago now, I took a wee walk up the historic Royal Mile, starting at Holyrood Palace and ending up at Edinburgh's castle gates. Of course you know me, I snapped a lot of pics on the way!

Holyrood Palace, Edinburgh. | Emma Lamb

I'll share a few of the highlights here over the next couple of days and pop the rest up on my Flickr pages as I go along. Oh, and I'll not bog you down with too many links and whatnot here, there will be just a few key ones that I will link these images to. So that if you do want to know more you can go off on your own wee information adventure right before you book your tickets and hotels for a wee visit.

Otherwise just enjoy a few city snaps...

The Scottish Parliment buliding, Edinburgh. | Emma Lamb
If you don't want to walk you can always hop on an official tour bus... :) | Emma Lamb
Sightseeing along the Cannongate, Royal Mile, Edinburgh. | Emma Lamb
The Cannongate Tolbooth, Royal Mile, Edinburgh. | Emma Lamb
John Knox's House, Royal Mile, Edinburgh. | Emma Lamb
The Museum of Childhood, Royal Mile, Edinburgh. | Emma Lamb
Tourist attractions on the High Street, Royal Mile, Edinburgh. | Emma Lamb
Tron Kirk on The Royal Mile, Edinburgh - site of the original Hogmanay celebrations. | Emma Lamb
Halfway... the junction at North Bridge and South Bridge. | Emma Lamb

Tomorrow I'll be sharing a few fun snaps from the Fringe festival... should be fun!
Until then have a fab day!
Emma, x

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  1. Sigh! I have walked the Royal Mile many times, bought many things in those wee shops and had my dinner in those eating houses too, with of course cranachan for dessert!!
    I do wish I was there!
    Vivienne x

  2. Thanks for sharing these beautiful images! I would love to visit one day...

  3. mouthwatering...I think a wee visit is in order

  4. Oh Emma, thank you so much for reminding me of the time I was once fortunate to spend in the old town of Edinburgh. Roses still in bloom in November.

    I so wish to be able to visit there again.

    I've kept my affection for your beautiful city burning for years via the writing of lots of folks, particularly Ian Rankin, whom I am lucky to have met on a book tour or two over here.

    (Since I am usually commenting about your beautiful color choices, it seems so funny to be commenting about noir crime fiction.)


  5. Hi Emma
    I'm trying to email you (without success). I'm having problems with internet and email at the moment - long story. I'll keep trying...


  6. Nice,
    Stayed at an hotel appartment down in the near end of The Royal Mile. Walked up every day. Great! My first visit to Edinburg/Scotland. Will be back. I was visiting my daughter who studied there last year.

  7. Beautiful photos. I can't imagine what it would be like to be able to wander up the Royal Mile.

  8. Thanks for posting about your city! I visited Edinburgh a few years ago, and totally fell in love with it! I'm hoping to get to go back someday. Preferably sooner rather than later!
    x Katherine


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