etsy favourites : I know this is really going to upset Vivienne...

...and I am sorry Vivienne, truly I am! But you really need to blame this miserable Scottish weather... it feels like the autumn is definitely on it's way!

Etsy treasury 'I know this is really going to upset Vivienne...' curated by Emma Lamb
Links: 1. Lucky, 2. handmade romance, 3. White Wonder, 4. A Crooked Sixpence, 5. Elouise Renouf, 6. Mills Design Co., 7. Good North, 8. Kitsch Café, 9. Giardino, 10. The Little Red Door, 11. Boots N Gus, 12. Roberta Grove, 13. little byrd vintage, 14. hillary bird, 15. eclu, 16. ordinary mommy design

I know, I know! It's way too early to be thinking of the next season as we technically still have a month of summer left... but really, it ain't very summery out there just now! Of course I am getting suckered in by all these delicious autumn shades and am especially smitten with grey. I have a gut feeling about this colour at the moment, everything from chalky charcoal greys to soft natural wool shades. I love seeing it with coral, peachy pinks, a touch of bamboo yellow and rusty amber. Something about this combination just feels so right at the moment... what do you think? Or do you have your fingers in your ears shouting 'la la la la' while trying to hold onto thoughts of the lovely warm summer... !?

Emma, x

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  1. LOL at that last sentence ;)
    But I agree. The weather just plain 'ol s*cks at the moment, so screw it! Why not think of Autumn, with it's wonderful colors? :)

  2. I'm ready for fall! We've had a horribly hot summer (weeks of 100+ degrees fahrenheit) in the southern US and I am done with it. I also love fall colors...

  3. Ha ha! Fingers in ears, la la la! ;)
    I think I can just about forgive you Emma but only because I do love all those gorgeous colours!
    I especially love your Mum's cushion. :)
    The sun is shining here at the moment and it's warm, honestly!!!!!
    Vivienne x

  4. Oh Vivienne, thank you for forgiving me! But you know this is only the first of many don't you!? I'll try to squeeze in a few more summery ones though, just for you... ;)

    Thank you Katie, Wink and Heather... as much as I am loving the impending autumn I am still hoping for a wee hot spell for one last summery fix (although I certainly won't be wishing for 100+ degrees, yikes!!!)

    I hope you guys have a fabulous day,
    Emma, x

  5. Hi Emma,

    You chose some pretty things!

    Lieve groet, Madelief

  6. Just found your blog and it may have to be added to my ever expanding blog list :)
    Love the treasury, it was exactly as I felt yesterday but today in sunny(?) Aberdeen we actually some of that weird warm sunshine.
    Emma x

  7. I just found your blogg, and I love it already. Now I know where to spend some time a rainy day!
    Thanks for the inspiration
    Sarah, Sweden

  8. same here in feels like autumn already arrived...
    Love love blog, thank you for sharing your talent!! Always an inspiration!


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