colour your monday happy...

multitrecce by Artoleria summerflowers1 by Emma Varnam untitled by Amir Kuckovic Bedroom by Smilerynker weekend flowers by rainingsheep

Image credits: 1. Artoleria, 2. Emma Varnam, 3. Amir Kuckovic, 4. Smilerynker, 5. rainingsheep

Happy Monday, I hope you guys had a fabulous weekend... !?
We made the most of the summer again with picnics by the river, walks along the beach and a lovely fish'n'chip supper in the park... Not so many pictures taken this time though, just because I wanted to switch off a wee bit and not be thinking 'ooh, that would make a lovely blog post!' every time I saw something pretty... you know what I mean... !?

Anyhoo, today I am being drawn to these hot red and cool blue picks from our fabulous 'all colours in' Flickr pool. I spied most of them up on the front page this morning and thought they looked great together... I always love fresh flower arrangements and Smilerynker's bedroom pic is just fabulous. Those braided headbands look so cute and I am always a sucker for rainy day bokeh, or really any kind of bokeh shots like this... !

Thank you to everyone for your submissions to 'all colours in', you guys are such an inspiration... !

I hope everyone has a great day,
Emma, x

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  1. Happy to be in your lovely blog! :) a wonderful monday to you!
    :)Katia ***

  2. What a wonderful word! Bokeh :) First time I've ever come across it and I'm loving it - thanks Emma!
    Great selection. Kx

  3. I want that bedroom - this really has coloured my Monday happy!

  4. hello,
    what a great plankit

    greatings send you Conny

  5. Lovely finds :) Artoleria's headbands are so cute!


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