today I'm loving : looking back on the weekend

basking in the summer sun | Emma Lamb
Basking in the summer sun... :)

A few pictures from our weekend, a walk around our favourite Arthur's Seat while taking in the summer sun and spending time in each other's company. Mostly these few are of Spanner, but who's complaining?!

Arthur's Seat, Edinburgh... and I can never remember the name of this wee loch! | Emma Lamb
Arthur's Seat, Edinburgh... and I can never remember the name of this wee loch!

the mighty and majestic(!?) cocker spaniel... ;) | Emma Lamb
The mighty and majestic(!?) cocker spaniel...

cooling his wee paws | Emma Lamb
Cooling his wee paws!

I love this last picture of my wee man so much! He could smell the water from the top of the hill and kept running on ahead of us trying to find it through the long grass. We just assumed he was desperate for a drink but as soon as he found it he plonked himself right in the middle, up to his wee belly and just stood there, cooling his hot paws!

I have a whole bunch of other pictures I want to share too, because you guys know I can't go anywhere without getting a few pretty macro shots. Plus I found myself a great new filter! I'll be back later with those once I've had the chance to upload them...
Emma, x

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  1. Your wee man is simply adorable & all your pictures from your weekend are lovely!

    Looking forward to your macro ones, too. Have a lovely day!

    Iro, xo :)

  2. Nice pictures of a beautiful dog!

  3. amazing


  4. What a cute doggy - we have 2 springers. I love spaniels!!! Ours are the same, they absol love the water esp on a hot day :)

  5. Beautiful dog :)

    We are now soon to be 1 million holding hands :) join us :)

  6. Gorgeous Spanner, I love his Braveheart impersonation! :)
    Vivienne x

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Gorgeous Spanner - Joe Cocker was very interested! x

  9. I've just stumbled upon your blog.. first thing I see: Arthur's Seat.. I just love it.. Edinburgh has a very special meaning for me.. Just wanted to tell it.. :)
    Thank you for the smile that came across my face.

  10. I think I'm in love with your dog!
    My first dog was a cocker spaniel, but he was terrified of water--never once did he step foot in it by choice. Now my family has a little terrier who hops in the pond daily. Animals are always so funny and sweet.

  11. Emma, thank you for the views, macro and micro. It's been too long since I was in Edinburgh.

    That Spanner is a very bright pup!

    Best wishes.

  12. Oh my, Spanner is just gorgeous!!

    S x

  13. Awww - cute dog - great shots!! :)

  14. such a lovely green, it's different.

    I could look at happy dog pictures all day..keep them coming!

  15. I love your dog, he is so cute, and it seems he behaves just like my Scottish setter...

  16. what kind of breed is your dog? look very unique.. anyways, seems like you guys had a fun time out :)

  17. lol! i past the cocker spaniel part :p ahh :))

  18. I think the wee loch is Dunsappie Loch - that's what my dad used to call it anyway!!!

  19. Thank you Bluebell Design, you are right it is Dunsapie Loch... Have a gold star... :)

    Emma, x


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