etsy favourites : eclectic crayon colours

etsy treasury : eclectic crayon colours by emma lamb
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I'm still completely smitten with these crayon box colours, especially that delicious bright red... I just want to fill my home with all these bright red details, vintage canisters and trays for the kitchen... Beautiful art prints and vintage dala horses for my studio... and maybe one or two pretty necklaces just for me... *sigh* ...I just wish my budget could keep up with my insatiable appetite for discovering such fabulous finds... !

Talking of fabulous finds, it was only once I had curated this lovely collection that I realised there were three lovely items from Bird Nests and Paper. A great wee vintage shop that is well worth a peek and one that has a very apt strap line for the way I'm feeling today... 'So much Vintage . . . and so little time!!'

Happy Wednesday!!!
Emma, x

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  1. "I just wish my budget could keep up with my insatiable appetite for discovering such fabulous finds... !"

    You hit the nail on the head there Emma! Love the treasury - I really feel I need that tray!!x

  2. You have such a wonderful eye for color. I must admit that I look forward each day to see what your blog might hold. Sometimes, when I'm a little down or gloomy minded, I go back to look at a bunch of your posts. It gives me a shot of sunshine on a rainy day. Thanks for sharing with us.


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