colour palette : shades of gold

colour palette : shades of gold - curated by Emma Lamb
Image credits: 1. dottie angel, 2. Emma Block Illustration, 3. Whistles at John Lewis, 4. Kiki & Polly

Oh my, it's Friday already!

And by heck, it's a wee bit chilly today isn't it!? At least it is in Edinburgh, no rain to speak of as yet so we can be thankful for that!
Anyhoo, I am warming myself up with these lovely shades of golden yellows in today's colour palette. They are always a firm favourite of mine and so versatile too. A great seasonal colour for late summer and autumn but also has such a great retro vibe when mixed with rich brown, teal and coral pink. Today I'm particularly loving it with cool beige and grey next to pops of red and deep orange, see the two columns on the left. A really pretty combination with a hint of retro about it too.

So while we're talking colour palettes, did you see decor8 this week!? Holly, the fabulous lady that she is, put together a wee post featuring her favourites of my pink inspired palettes! Eeek! So many things to be excited about there...
1) Holly has been lurking around my wee blog.!
2) that she found my wee colour palettes inspiring,
3) so much so that she chose to feature them on decor8!
4) all the lovely comments she wrote to go with the palettes she picked out and...
5) the amazing feedback her post had, including all the kind comments left by her readers and some very dear friends of mine!
Thank you so much Holly and to everyone else, the support and encouragement you give means so much to me. I am so proud to have all you guys as my very dear cyber buddies!

Now I am off to channel this happy high and colourful inspiration into a few crafty pieces. I still have a few ladies waiting to go into the shop so stay tuned for those on my Facebook page.

Wishing you all a fabulous weekend!
Emma, x

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  1. Ahh how nice and warm (I say shivering at my desk!). I love that retro combination too.
    Congrats on the decor8 feature, must have been just as exciting as Vogue!x

  2. Wonderful color combination Emma !

    Have a happy and great weekend !

    Paris is still crazy rainy !

  3. You have done it again - more fab colours. x

  4. Such gorgeous colours. Mustard yellow is one of my favourite colours.

  5. hi there- I seem to have linked and linked and then some more, but pleased to have landed here!

    Armed with a very LARGE mug of tea I've taken you up on your offer and spent some lovely minutes looking through your amazing posts.
    Next time I'll come back with chocolate!

    Hope to catch up again

  6. Hi Emma, just came across your blog today, I love love it so much. I even pin on my pinterest. Will come back soon. Wish you a good weekend.

  7. Your colour schemes are very beautiful. I'm loving yellow at the moment, as it is cold here in Australia. Inspiring blog!

  8. oooh, love that color palette. what a wonder with color you are! xo amy

  9. Ooh I'm loving that artwork with the woman and flowers! So beautiful!


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