colour palette : peachy keen

colour palette : peachy keen - curated by Emma Lamb
Image credits, clockwise from top left : 1. Ink Whimsy, 2. White Wonder, 3. Ameelia Bedelia, 4. kiamichi7, 5. New Ivy Style

I don't know about you guys, but whenever I put together one of these pastel themed colour palettes I can't help but think of ice cream flavours!? These lovely peach and mint finds from Etsy are making me think about just that, delicious peach flavoured ice cream sprinkled with mint infused sugar, yum! Oh, and if said creamy desert was featured on one of those fancy foodie blogs I can totally picture it being topped with some tiny, edible gold leaf leaves. Just like this gorgeous musical tree from White Wonder, how yummy would that be!?

I am also thinking these peachy perfect finds would make the sweetest summer vignette for a bare shelf. You could gather together all the wee items on a snippet of vintage linen fabric, lean the wee notebook against the wall and add a fragrant mint plant to the basket. Then you could pin Ivy's lovely paper garland to the wall and drape it casually by your wee collection. I'd also be tempted to use lovely Ivy's idea of adding the pin to a lovely white frame and draping her garland from that. Of course that's just me thinking in black and white as I don't have a peachy collection to decorate my own wee shelf right at this moment!

Wishing you all a fabulous weekend filled with lots of ice cream in your most favourite flavour, mine will be peanut butter please!
Emma, x

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  1. I agree; it reminds me of delicious ice-cream. I love that tree! :-)

  2. Hello :)

    just as I was logging off for a while to do some every day chores, I saw your new colour palette & was coming to leave a little message about how incredibly beautiful it looks for one more time.

    I love your colour moodboards & there are some I feel our tastes are exactly the same!

    ...and then I see that you have included my weee Love & Luck paper boat garland {pink loves minty green edition} here... I couldnt be any happier for taking part in this :)

    and yes all these do remind me of summer + ice cream flavours!

    Thank you so much my dear friend! Also for mentioning & linking back to the Fab pins I posted yesterday & my various ideas of how to use them.

    Thank you for everything Emma :)
    Wishing you a lovely Friday & weekend ahead ~

    Love, hugs + smiles,
    Iro xo

    P.S: Spanner gets a squeezed hug from me to share my happiness with him!

  3. I do the same thing - soft colors = ice cream. To the extent that I always call a certain shade of orange, "orange sherbet"

  4. stunning as always ..and soft ..and just perfect for friday

  5. I love your peachy selection, I fancy an ice cream. have a great weekend.

  6. Hi Emma. Love visiting your blog and love your colour choices. Just a quick question... We will be in Edinburgh in Sept. Any 'must sees' for a wool and general craft lover from Aus? I love to have a little project on the go to while away the hours on long flights or train journeys.


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