a very Scottish, summery Sunday afternoon at the beach

Crammond beach, Edinburgh | Emma Lamb
Spanner at Crammond beach, Edinburgh | Emma Lamb

My poor wee man isn't feeling well today. After throwing up all over my bedroom carpet yesterday afternoon (entirely missing the wood floors in the rest of our house, where it would have been so much easier to clean up!) he has been feeling very, very sorry for himself!

We were a wee bit worried last night as he refused any food or water, something he never does, ever! But thankfully this morning he seems to be feeling a tiny bit better and has managed to eat and drink a few mouthfuls. We think he must have snaffled some wee tidbit while out on his walk yesterday and it has thoroughly disagreed with him! He's terrible for hunting out anything edible where ever he goes. There have been so many 'incidents' which have included a french stick, a whole roast chicken, swallowing a large sausage roll in one gulp and lots of other such 'stories' that make you despair and giggle all at once! But one time he gave us a real fright, he had a very lucky escape from serious injury after I had to retrieve a fish hook and length of line from his throat!!!

Gah, you wouldn't think it to look at his cute face but sometimes he can be a real idiot, but a wee idiot that I wouldn't part with and one that loves being at the beach just as much as I do!

summery grey skies... :( | Emma Lamb
Spanner was here... ! | Emma Lamb
paw prints in the sand | Emma Lamb
digging like a dog posessed... | Emma Lamb
...makes him so happy! | Emma Lamb
tiny treasure, shell less than a centimetre long... ! | Emma Lamb
I don't want to go home... ! | Emma Lamb

Wishing you all a wonderful day,
Emma, x

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  1. He's adorable. Just can't help loving those big brown eyes.
    I've had a simliar problem with my cats but then I know they've been eating poor little creatures. They deserve an upset tummy!

  2. 'a very Scottish, summery Sunday...at the beach' indeed! Not even a hint of sun behind those dark, grey, heavy clouds but it was warm (we were at Fast Castle) - well when you managed to hunker down out of the wind. Hope Spanner feels better soon.

  3. He has got to be about the cutest dog I have ever seen! What an adventurer he is. I have reading your blog for several weeks now and love it. Keep inspiring us and writing. ~Kelly

    unDeniably Domestic

    The Heart in Hand Project

  4. Awww, poor puppers! We have a little man who will gobble up any old nasty thing he can find too -- which of course makes him poorly for days (and I hate the barfing on the carpet part too -- blech!).
    I think your Scottish summer looks heavenly. We're dying of heat and drought here in Texas. I was in Scotland during August years ago, and I loved your mild climate. I nearly cried when I had to return to the awful breathtaking heat and commotion of Dallas (where we lived at the time). Oh well, feast or famine I suppose ;)?
    P.S. Would love to do a house exchange with you some summer -- really!

  5. le cocker est un chasseur, j'ai des souvenirs d'enfance identiques, toujours le museau dans le sable ;-)

  6. Awe bless him, so glad he seems to be on the mend!
    Lovely photos. :)
    Vivienne x

  7. Aw, look at him! He loves the beach! Smart dog! Perhaps you'll have to take him back when he's feeling better ;)

  8. We have a saying in our house ... he/she is as happy as a pup on the beach ... looks like you should borrow it :D

  9. Thank you so much you guys... :)
    Spanner is still feeling a wee bit tired but he is almost back to his normal cheeky self this evening... he's had lots of small meals through the day without a hint of 'barfing'... so I am sure by tomorrow he will br right as rain... :)

    Lois ~ it was warm and we were lucky not to get the rain that day, possibly the one redeeming factor of the wind!? I've not been to Fast castle, must find out more... :)

    Gigi ~ I know I complain alot about the Scottish summer, but because of them I don't think I would be able to cope with the Texas heat... I know, I know, there's no pleasing some people... ;)

    Emma, x

  10. Oh my goodness what a story! Spanner surely must have a strong stomach! And Emma I too would not be able to cope with blisteringly hot summers and thank goodness for our changeable weather - though perhaps here in North Wales we're a little bit warmer! Those spiral shells bring back memories of many happy hours beachcombing!

  11. beautiful pics..Love the doggie, so adorable.

  12. Oh, he is so stinking cute! Lovely beach pictures, both with and without your wee man.


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