Mollie Makes

Have you seen this gorgeous wee film from the lovely ladies behind the new Mollie Makes craft magazine!?

Isn't is just the sweetest thing!? The music and animation are just so cute and I love that it is oozing with beautiful saturated colour. It makes me want to be able to step right into it for a crafty afternoon with peppermint tea and chocolate topped cupcakes! What better way to spend a very rainy (and very British!) summer afternoon!? (Although I must admit the sun is shining here at the moment, but who knows for how long!?)

It was filmed around Bath, where the lovely Mollie Makes ladies are based, and at The Makery craft workshop, also in Bath. It features Sara Sinaguglia’s adorable crochet apple cosies that graced the front cover of the very first issue of Mollie Makes, if you missed out on a copy you can find the lovely pattern here. Oh, and Lori Marie’s fabulous wee panty flashers, too cute!

Mollie Makes have set up their very own YouTube channel so I'm guessing there will more loveliness to follow, can't wait!

Here's hoping you can find a reason to smile through the rain today!
Emma, x

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  1. Emma, I was going to try and buy Mollie Makes, do you know where's good in Edinburgh for getting these type of magazines?

  2. Emma, this is so wunderful!
    I always wanted you to write because I just LOVE your blog!
    You make so wonderful things and you are so high talented!

    The video is awesome!

    Love from Germany,

  3. oh ! c'est trop joli ; quel plaisir, merci pour cette découverte ;-)

  4. Hello!
    If anyone has a Hobbycraft near them then they are very good for getting a copy from - you wouldn't necessarily thing of them for magazines!

  5. must get my family to bring over Mollie Makes this summer....would it be available in WH Smiths?

  6. That's the second time I've had a huge pang for Bath today, someone mentioned it earlier, but seeing it so cute made me nicely miss happy times making arty thing there at Uni. Great vid made me smile. -Sami.

  7. Yay! I knew you guys would love this, Mollie Makes is an instant hit... !

    Jennifer ~ I have had real trouble trying to find it here too... Mollie Makes tell me that it is available in most supermarkets and almost all WHSmiths... I've tried so many shops I can't tell you and still not found it, so it must be selling out super quick!!!
    If you do spot some though, let me know will you... ?

    Emma, x

  8. I didn't find it on my shopping trip last night Emma but I decided just to buy it online from their website and it was free delivery so that may be the easiest option! There's always Hobbycraft at the Fort? Shame I missed the first one, they're selling for silly bucks on ebay! x

  9. Yeah, I tried Hobbycraft too, no luck there either... I know! I saw the prices on e-bay yesterday, absolutely crazy... !
    Emma, x

  10. I am having my coffee before I start packing up for a craft show later today and this was the perfect video to watch. Thank for the link, Emma.


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