today I'm loving : pink petals

pink petals, Flickr mosaic curated by Emma Lamb
Image credits: 1. gathering spriggs, 2. sandra juto, 3. Creature Comforts, 4. sandra juto, 5. pilli pilli, 6. simply hue, 7. Ciel Photography, 8. cakejournal, 9. MayaLee Photography, 10. lobster and swan, 11. Messy Jesse, 12. simply photo

Oh, and starting to feel healthy again! Thank you kindly for all your lovely well wishes. I am on the mend and should be right as rain in a couple of days.

I do hope you are all having a great week!?
Emma, x

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  1. These are such pretty pinks. And, I spy peonies. Mine should pop in about a week. I wait all year for just a few days. Oh, but those days!!


  2. oh i love pink petals too!!!!

  3. Beautiful! I can almost sense the smell...:)

  4. So romantic!!! Love it! I always plant pink flowers in my garden!
    Have a great week!
    Chris :o)

  5. Me too, me too! I live with three boys, actually 5 if you count the cat and the rabbit, so there's gotta be a bit pink in every girls life!

  6. loving all the pink!
    just so in love with peonies!
    becca x

  7. I love all your beautiful colours. If you like you can follow me too, I've started a blog for a cople of weeks now ; )

  8. Just saw this right before reading this post:

    i think you'll like what you see :)

  9. Oh my! I adore Peonies, I had baby pink ones just like those on my wedding day...aahh, thank you x

  10. Pink+petals=a stellar combination. Thanks so much for this inspiring mosaic! :D

  11. What a beauty :) I love those pink colors and the flowers are just gorgeous so fresh and gentle.

    Greetings holiday apartment london


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