summer blues

summer blues, Flickr mosaic curated by Emma Lamb
Image credits: centre/1. A bunch of beans, 2. knitalatte11, 3. all over print, 4. Creature Comforts, 5. e.kristina, 6. piaktw, 7. kaylovesvintage, 8. tiel*sk, 9. e.kristina, 10. xanthe berkeley, 11. dottie angel, 12. freefallingletty, 13. enhabiten

Hello my lovelies! I'm feeling a wee bit off today. Not ill. Just a wee bit heavy under all this miserable weather! If you have read this blog for any length of time you might have noticed that my mood always goes with the weather and I'm definitely a sunshine kinda girl. So the lack of summer in these parts is playing heavy on me at the moment. Sometimes I can shake off these iffy feelings with distractions of the crafty kind, sometimes I can't.
This morning my wee spirit was lifted on seeing Miss Tif's (and her #4's!) very spiffy pom pom garland. On spying it's loveliness I felt a sudden urge to be in my wee studio for lots of quality crafting time. I've been lacking this feeling a wee bit recently so I must take it as a sign and follow my crafty instincts! So, I am going to take a few days for myself and my sanity and I shall pop back to chat with all you lovelies soon.

Wishing you all a sunshiny day,
Emma, x

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  1. Feeling the same, Emma! We need a break from this grey gloom...

  2. We finally have some sunshine here in Romania, but I know how you might feel. Great selection of blue. Enjoy your little break.

  3. I think you need to visit me. my winter day was perfectly sunny. I'll teach you how to quilt.

  4. I think we all need some sunshine Emma!
    Lovely blues. :)
    Vivienne x

  5. Boohoo yeah, the weather over here in The Netherlands isn't that lovely either. The wind is blowing like crazy.
    Love you blog, it looks like much fun.
    Come and visit mine if you like: Have a gr-8 week

  6. I am with you Emma, lovely blue post. Here in Vancouver, BC it has been grey, grey, grey. I too am definitely a sunshine girl myself. Hawaii anyone?

  7. Emma, we hear you over in the northwest. we have not even had Spring, seriously it has been the worst Spring on record. i had Spring Envy looking at the UK this year... i have not put away my thermal vest nor my woolly tights! probably why i am in manic crafting mode because it is keeping me sane for sure...

    of course, sod's law, the day i leave for Old Blighty and apparently it will be in the 70's. i have given up! i have packed my overalls, rain coat, gloves and a smile :)

    hope you have a few quality days crafting... catch up with you on my travels, as and when i can!

  8. We have lots of sunshine to's a warm wide ray to shine directly over your head...enjoy a few days off but please come back!

  9. ooh I know the feeling, when we lived in the UK I had those days and could not explain it to anyone. Although we have winter now and some of the days are really grey, the sun do shine and we have perfect blue sunny winter days!! So I'll send you virtual sunshine. Hope you feel better soon. :D

    Carina x

  10. Thank you so much lovely ladies, I knew you would understand... :)
    It was the best decision I could have made, just what I needed and probably what I will need more of over the coming British summer days... !

    Miss Tiel ~ You're right! I really do... and how could I possibly refuse such an offer of quilting lessons... !? x

    I shall keep my fingers crossed that at least some of us will have some sunshine sometime this summer... !!!

    A fabulous weekend to you all,
    Emma, x

    Miss Tif ~ I feel for you, I really do! I so hope you get a wee bit of sunshine while you're away... and for your crafty workshops!!! x


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