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Image credits: 1. sweet sweet life, 2. Nana Odile, 3. Makowe Pole, 4. rainingsheep, 5. | viviana |

Good morning, good morning... !
I'm so in need of some saturated colour therapy today after such a miserable grey weekend... far too depressing to even complain about! So lets not, lets just enjoy some fabulously colourful homely stuff and drool over vintage Arcopal and Catherine Holm collections... and pretend we're not insanely jealous of either!
Oh, and if need even more colour therapy than this, or have your own collection of colourful vintage goodies you would like us all to be jealous of, please do pop over to our Flickr pool 'all colours in' and share in the fun... :)

Wishing you all a smiley day,
Emma, x

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  1. Emma, you always find the most wonderful selection of images. I love all of these. Thank you :) Kx

  2. What a fantastic selection to combat this June greyness, that Catherine Holm collection is just gorgeous. x

  3. Oh I am drooling over that quilt in the first picture. All such lovely colours for this grey Monday!

  4. I was in Edinburgh all weekend, and despiate the rain had a great time pottering about all the shops, my favourite being the old children's bookshop! It's such a great city, I'd love to live there. I follow your blog so thought I'd let you know I was in town,

    PS: My mother in law has those same cups in picture 2!

  5. love this colourful collection, just what i need on a monday.

  6. I am so envious of the Catherine Holm collection. We inherited one frying pan and it has started an unhealthy obsession with anything Catherine Holm!


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