a very royal to do!

Okay, so I will be the first to admit that I am not the kind of girl that goes all gaga over anything vaguely wedding related. Which is why it surprised a lot of people when they asked and I said 'Yes, of course I will be watching the Royal wedding!' Don't get me wrong I'm no royalist, or even anti-royal for that matter, but why wouldn't you want to watch such a huge historical event as this!? When the eyes of the world are watching why wouldn't you want to share in a wee bit of pride for your country. Goodness knows that can be a rarity at times!

Of course my other reason for watching was to share in another, happier moment of their story. As a British girl I have grown up with stories of the Royal family, both happy and tragic, and always at the centre there seemed to be those two wee boys. But on Friday, while everyone else was gushing over the lovely bride and 'that' dress, the thing that I noticed the most was how happy William looked.

The Royal Wedding, 2011 | Emma Lamb
All images: The British Monarchy and Clarence House.

I also had a few thoughts about these two ladies and their outfits, but I shall keep those to myself... ;)

Wishing the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge many happy years together,
Emma, x

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  1. Here, here!!
    It was an amazing day and you're right William looked so happy!
    Vivienne x
    P.S. The dress was gorgeous though. ;)

  2. Awww it was lovely to look at your post and relive the day! I found myself an unexpected emotional mess! Think we all love a wedding really!
    Nattie x

  3. It is wonderful to see a couple who seems to actually like each other an awful lot!

    And Oh my! Those two ladies....er......wow.

  4. Those two ladies ...... fantastic outfits but perhaps they were made for two other ladies! x

  5. Yes, I can't help but stare at their photos with a smile, and hope the two lovebirds will always gaze at each other that way.

    And, as for the other two ladies and their get-ups... oh, dear word. What were they thinking? Perhaps they weren't.

  6. hehehe... those "princess" outfits were a hoot...

    I'm an American and still not completely into princesses and royalty... though I whilst I was working at the hospital... I snuck a peek at 4:30 in the morning... and turned it on for some of the nurses so they could see... I have to admit... as boring as I can be... it was fun to see for a minute!

  7. Didn't it just truly make you proud to be British?

    And as for Beatrice and Eugenie - doesn't every fairytale have two ugly sisters?!!

    (Sorry that's mean - they are not ugly, but those outfits are!!)

    S x

  8. In Canada, the royals are still a big thing, especially this wedding. Like you, I am not a Royalist nor anti-royalist. Yet I had to watch this wedding and it was because of William and Harry. You know, I would love to hear your words regarding those two princesses.

  9. Hmmm - you know that story Cinderella? Perhaps 'those 2 ladies' went to the wrong do?

  10. Love SarahB's comment about 'the ugly sisters'. who is their designer OMG! Wonder what their cousins thought?

  11. I think I share your thoughts on the two ladies :-)


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