etsy favourites : sunny side up

Good afternoon! I'm popping in to share a few Etsy faves with you today, because as soon as I spied this gorgeous sunny yellow, ribbed ceramic lampshade (from Boots N Gus) I just knew you would all love it! I'm sure you will love everything else too and if you're anything like me you will be giddy at the mere sight of Tipico's wee yellow berry basket, not to mention the rest of the colouful mayan baskets in their fabulous shop.

etsy faves : sunny side up | Emma Lamb

Wishing you all a sunny day,
Emma, x

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  1. Great choices, so much yellow is sure to bring a smile in this almost rainy day we have here.

  2. What perfectly sunny yellow lovelies to match such a perfectly lovely sunny day:)
    I am so smitten with that Kiki & Polly print!
    Happy Wednesday, Emma!

  3. this yellow post makes me happy! i love the chevron! yummy yellow!

  4. Oh! That lamp is adorable!

  5. great selection, so bright and beautiful

  6. Love your findings! Yellow is a great color to get everyone in the mood for spring/summer! :D

  7. I felt in love with this yellow selection! Thanks!

  8. I'm in love with this bright yellow! I would totally wear that headband right now!

  9. thank you for the lovey etsy favs feature! i LOVE yellow, too. the color always make me smile. :-)


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