etsy favourites : freshly found

etsy favourites : freshly found by emma lamb
Links: 1. Golly Bard, 2. arminho, 3. Grey Maggie, 4. Eight Seasons, 5. Grey Maggie

Good morning! It is still completely miserable here today, and so cold! So while I have had the heating on, wrapped up in a cosy cardi, I have took in a spot of window shopping around Etsy. Here are a few of my mid-century favourites from this morning. I'm loving the classic black and sage combo with wee hints of pink, red and orange...

etsy favourites : freshly found by emma lamb
Links: 6. Modish Vintage, 7. dear pumper nickel, 8. broundoor, 9. oh dear watson

Wishing you all a cosy day,
Emma, x

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  1. gorgeous gorgeous !
    I think I share my bank account with Etsy (and you don't help !!)
    Sending you some sunshine xo across the Channel (I'm just going for a nap short sleeve & barefoot in the yard -- I know life's unfair ;P)

  2. Lovely! My favourite is no.8, I will have a look at the shop now.

  3. Great finds, Emma! Have to agree with Erica, and also off to look at No. 8.

  4. Thanks you guys! I knew you would love the Blackbird bag too, such a fun design and looks so well made... did you spy the monkey coin purse too? so cute... :)

    Miss Valerie... I would love some of your sunshine! The weirdest thing is that southern England is starting to suffer from lack or rain... !?!?
    Oh, and sorry about your bank account... ;) x

    Emma, x


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