colour your monday happy...

Ugh! What a horrible day it is out there today! Miserable, cold, wet, grey, wild, windy and depressing... :( My wee man got completely drenched this morning and I couldn't let him off his lead for fear of him getting blown over to the next continent! I so hope this passes soon, I really want the summer...

Just as well I have our fabulous Flickr pool 'all colours in' to cheer me up this miserable Monday morning. Here are my five favourites for today, enjoy... :)

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Image credits: 1. thelittlereddoor, 2. -syko-, 3. Coco Rose1, 4. yellowhouse72, 5. FollyandGlee

Here's hoping your Monday is far less miserable... !?
Emma, x

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  1. Oh wow, colours in every beautiful way. We had a drizzly day & my puppy came in all muddy paws in a beautiful pattern of excited-to-see-us. Love Posie

  2. Nope, my Monday is as miserable as yours! Thanks for the brightness!
    Vivienne x

  3. not so sunny here either-pouring rain kept me awake all night! but these are certainly bright and cheery :)

  4. Oh, what pretty pretty crocheted squares! I am absolutely captivated by them.

    I hope that the weather looks up for you. xo!

  5. yippee! how exciting to see my photo! we are grey, cold and rainy here in maine as well, but your post certainly brightened my day! thanks! :)

  6. beautiful photos with happy colors!!!the last foto give a idea!!!!thank you!!!

  7. Also raining here in Washington... hopefully tomorrow it will be better.
    Love the first photo of the tiny houses.

  8. I love love love those grannies... so beautiful!!!

  9. the houses are lovely. just the right pop of color

  10. Drooling over these Emma. ♥


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