colour palette : retro wall flowers

I have to say a huge thank you to the lovely Ez, of Creature Comforts, for introducing me to a fabulous Danish shop called Retro Villa. As soon as Ez blogged about this wee shop and it's stunning collection of vintage wallpaper samples I was completely smitten with the endless inspiration, pattern and colour. Just as I was when I read the story of the shop owner Mette Helena Rasmussen and how she came about the collection of vintage wallpaper that kick started her lovely shop. It's like a fairytale for those of us who are always on the hunt for that next fabulous vintage find!

So for today's colour palette inspiration I have picked out just four of those fabulous wallpaper samples. I feel the need for some warm and sunny colours today so I've chosen these stylised retro florals in typical seventies orange, yellow and brown. Enjoy!

colour palette : retro wall flowers curated by Emma Lamb
All images: Retro Villa

Oh, and I need to ask you all a wee favour, can you cross your fingers for me in the hope that when the wee man comes to look at my boiler tomorrow he will be able to fix it this time and we can have hot-water again!? Pretty please!

Wishing you all a broken boiler free weekend,
Emma, x

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  1. Oh gosh I love these colours! Fab patterns too :)

  2. Oh my I'm sure we had wallpaper on our walls like that when I was growing up!!!
    Fingers crossed for you! ;)
    Vivienne x

  3. Love! I am having a real 70's moment recently, loving all that is orange and yellow. So why not throw some chocolate brown in?!

    *fingers crossed for you*

  4. What wonderful patterns ! Very inspiring

  5. Emma, those wall paper patterns are lovely in design, but the colorway is not amongst my chosen favorites.

    Still...the designs are terrific.

    Assuring you that my fingers are crossed, in hopes that hot water will quickly restored to you and yours.


  6. I love these ... now if only I was game enough to put some up at my house!

  7. You guys are fabulous 'finger crossers'... ! The wee engineer man arrived early Saturday morning and had our boiler pumping out hot water in no time... yay! It also now has a clean bill of health so i shall be keeping my fingers crossed that nothing will be going wrong with it for a long time... :)

    Emma, x


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