colour palette : floral fancy

Yay! We're back in business, Blogger is up and running again - phew!

I was so disappointed yesterday morning because I was so excited about sharing this yummy colour palette with you guys! And just like you guys I was feeling inspired by all these sunny yellows from Etsy and couldn't help but be drawn to it when putting together this palette. I'm really loving how bold and energetic it looks mixed with those strong pinks (yeah, more pink!) in these gorgeous florals. To be honest I'm kinda surprising myself when I say this, because I have never been a fan of lots of yellow in decorating, but this palette makes me think that painting a feature wall a lovely shade of dandelion or buttercup yellow might not be such a bad idea!?

colour palette : floral fancy curated by Emma Lamb
Image credits: 1. bluebellgray / Fi Douglas, 2. Heather Bailey, 3. Chaulafanita Photography

Happy, happy Saturday my lovelies and I hope you all have a great weekend,
Emma, x

ps - Thankfully I get all of your lovely comments e-mailed to me, so despite a few of them disappearing from this 'sunny side up' post I did get to read them all... :)

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  1. lovely lovely pics:-) And a lovely weekend to you too.

  2. Gorgeous colours I love the yellow and pink combo it really does work doesn't it? Have a lovely weekend, Sarah x

  3. Sunshine, happiness and rainbows, lollipops... this post has me singing that song! :)) Great selection Emma. Kx

  4. Lovely colors. I so need some bit of sunshine on this cloudy/rainy Massachusetts day!


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