colour your monday happy...

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Image credits: 1. E L K, 2. RubyRed06, 3. even eve, 4. miel bakes/madhu, 5. cornflowerbluestudio

Happy Monday my lovelies... :)
I do hope you all had a wonderful weekend!? It was so warm and sunny again here in Edinburgh but instead of getting out and enjoying it I was struck with the urge to do some serious spring cleaning and rearranging! As there was a severe lack of space in my wee studio for my lovely new dresser I decided to move out a few things and relocate them to more needy corners of our wee flat. Which made my Man very happy as he now has a dedicated shelf to show off all his important magic books... :) It also means that my wee studio looks like a 'craft bomb' has hit it... No prizes for guessing what I'll be doing this afternoon... ;)

Oh, and I do hope you are enjoying today's chalky pastels from 'all colours in'... !?

Wishing you all a fabulous day,
Emma, x

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  1. Great colors! I love the mutedness(is that a word?) of the first few images! Thanks for sharing. Great inspiration!
    xoxo Beth

  2. Thank you Beth! I am happy to go with 'mutedness' as a word for these lovely pictures... :) x

  3. so refreshing to see this colors on Monday morning. A good start to the week.

  4. I also like today's colors...they remind me of shades you might create with a bit of China White paint.

    Best wishes on your re-ordering of your studio space. I type these words surrounded by familiar clutter. (Perhaps I am inspired by this clutter?)


  5. Love the shades and the cakes! ;)
    Good luck with the tidying!
    Vivienne x

  6. pastels! they are everywhere at easter, but we need them even more in January.

    thanks for the inspiration!


  7. I love chalky colours so this post is especially appealing to me. A lovely way to start the week. Hope you got your rearranging done.
    Helen x

  8. Wow, call me a late starter but just discovered your blog and I think I am in love! So gorgeous, now following your blog and Pinterest! Miss Walker xoxo


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