colour your monday happy...

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Image credits: 1. nanaCompany, 2. dottie angel, 3. lobster and swan, 4. super ninon, 5. eugenia papadopoulou

Hello my dears, I do hope you all had a great weekend... !?
I caught up with a wee bit more rest while enjoying the sunny weather and did some all important mattress shopping... Ha! Probably not the most exciting of weekends but I can't tell you how much I'm looking froward to a new mattress arriving... :)
I also got to pick up my crochet hooks again after almost a week of non-hooking since the fair, more about that later in the week...

Now onto today's somewhat random collection of pretty images from 'all colours in'... Okay, so they're completely random and you can be forgiven for thinking I might have just gone a wee bit bonkers! The only tentative link I can see that they all have that lovely golden chicken feather colour running through them... I know, I know, a completely rubbish link! But I do love them all and I do hope they put a wee smile into your Monday... :)
Oh and thank you to Miss Tif's fabulous feathered friend for the inspiration... ;)

I do hope you all have a great day,
Emma, x

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  1. i think they're a great collection.i did see the golden color connection ;)

  2. Lovely images Emma, I think they reflect the glorious weekend we've all had I the UK!!

  3. that is so nice: i recognized dottie angel and lobster and swan,
    i got them as favs in my etsy account.

    have a nice week.

  4. I'm totally inspired this morning by this series of photos! Thank you. :)

  5. Bock, bock...bu-cock!
    Roughly translated:
    I love the random rubbishy golden thread...and the chicken too!
    Happy day to you!

  6. It was rubbish eye candy!!!
    Have a great day!!

  7. oh emma dearest, Miss Big Bertha is positively 'clucking' with pride to think she is the thread to one of your peachy colour posts :)
    alas the Mr Sun and Mr Spring appear to have forgotten us this year, i have told them there is still time to show their lovely faces! thanks for cheering up my monday morning :)

  8. love love love Babette Le Loup! thank you for the vintage brooch love x :)

  9. I am utterly charmed and intrigued by your blog. I love the style, colors, ideas, etc. You inspired me to create a potholder wall collage of my own! Thank you!

  10. I think it's a super fun, super happy collection, any day of the week. No rubbish about it :)


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