colour palette : coral and slate

colour palette : coral and slate - curated by Emma Lamb
colour palette : coral and slate - curated by Emma Lamb
Image credits: 1. Skunkboy Creatures., 2. islandgirlsj, 3. SteffenTuck, 4. Sigma.DP2.Kiss.X3

Happy, happy Friday my dears, I do hope you are all enjoying your Easter holiday and are ready for some serious chocolate munching this weekend!? I must admit I haven't bought any Easter themed chocolate yet and I'm not sure I will anyway, it seems kinda daft to pay double the cost of my usual chocolaty tipple just to have it egg shaped! Maybe I should make some grown up rice crispy cakes with some of my delicious 85% cocoa chocolate instead? Haven't had those in ages, yum!

Anyhoo, onto today's yummy colour palette! Have you noticed I'm still stuck on the pink trend!? Most of the palettes I've made up over the last few weeks do feature it quite heavily. I just can't help myself, it feels so inviting and comforting. I actually made two palettes up with these lovely deep coral pinks but ended up choosing this one because of Skunkboy Creatures adorable bunny for a tenuous Easter link. I am completely in love with the top row of colours I picked out and can picture them working quite perfectly in some crocheted goodness, maybe a pretty patchwork blanket with lots of white edgings?

Wishing you all a chocolaty weekend,
Emma, x

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  1. lovely colours! lovely pictures!

    have a nice weekend.

  2. have a very special easter...

  3. I enjoy your color palettes so much! Thank you for sharing them. Happy Easter.

  4. Oh my, how cute is that bunny!!!
    Have a wonderful Easter Emma and eat lots of chocolate, it's compulsory at Easter. ;)
    Vivienne x

  5. Have a great Easter Weekend!!
    Don't eat too much chocolate!!
    Chris :o)

  6. That is such a cute bunny! And I've always loved a bit of corral. It's one of the shades of lipstick that I always seem to pick up first.

  7. Happy Easter to you, Emma.

    I do like the many variations that pink can take. It does not have to be sweet, but there's nothing wrong with that sweetness either.

    Sometimes I look at all the subtle variations of pinks and browns that fill the counters of upscale cosmetic departments. There are endless shades, and it's fun to try to find the One that is most flattering to you.

    This is just an example of how much fun color can be!


  8. Love this! That coral colour has me absolutely ga-ga at the moment too. Kx

    p.s. I'm trying to avoid all the chocolates too! :)

  9. Hi Emma,
    Happy Easter to you from BC Canada..I just love your colors for Friday. I totally understand your love for pastels.soothing some how! Hope the Easter Chocolates will come your way..even if they are a day or two later than usual and less expensive by Monday, :)

  10. LOVe your blog! Lots of great color palettes to peruse through! Yummy! I found you through Sophia, at the Blue Chair Diary. I look forward to following you! xo

  11. Hope you had a great Easter ..... and how sweet is Skunkboy. x

  12. now that's a great palette
    thanks for including me in the inspiration


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