wishing for sunshine

Hilda and Esther, crochet cushions by Emma Lamb

Miss Hilda, Miss Esther, Miss Lillian and myself have spent all week desperately hoping and wishing for just a wee bit of sunshine to help cheer us up and maybe give us a reason to smile...

Hilda, crochet cushion by Emma Lamb
Esther, fabulous rose crochet cushion by Emma Lamb
Hilda and Esther, crochet cushions by Emma Lamb

But goodness knows how hard it is to find a reason to smile when you see pictures and reports of the shocking devastation and aftermath of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. It leaves you numb. It is almost beyond comprehension and understanding. The speed and severity of it. The fragility of life in the face of our unpredictable and violent planet. So much loss...

I know that everyone does what the are capable of to help and will continue to do so for as long as they are able to, whether privately or publicly. It is impossible to ask for more than that...

Emma, x

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  1. you are absolutely right about Japan... and your cushions are lovely. Especially the one with the big flower, it is amazing in color and design!
    Love, Maaike

  2. Beautiful crochet Emma!!! :)

    Japan is in all our thought! x

    Vivienne x

  3. the crochet made me smile. yarn made into sunshine :)

    The situation is devastating. i agree with both above and you. the world is watching with heartake, helping where one can and praying for Japan

  4. What a wonderful blog you have! I`m inspired!
    Hugs from Christine/Norway

  5. I love the color palette you used in these pillows! gorgeous as always!

  6. Well Emma, you continue to create beautiful designs.

    And yes, we all continue to watch the continuing news from Japan, and wish that we could turn the clock back. Meanwhile, there are various ways to send along some supportive contribution, e.g. Doctors Without Borders.

    It is so difficult to see a blue skied sunny St Patrick's Day here in NYC and know of the misery that is afflicting so many in Japan.

    And so, let us do our best where we are to be happy and positive, and also to contribute to the needs of Japan as we might be able.


  7. love it emma.
    makes me smile.

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. Olá!
    Sou brasileira, e não entendo nada de Inglês, mais, sigo o Seu blog, AMO OS SEUS Trabalhos!
    Parabéns por cada um deles
    O que me deixa muito feliz, é que seus textos são traduzidos, quando te visito!
    Muito Sucesso, e Mais uma Vez parabéns!
    Ah! Um dia Ainda farei UMA Dessas Almofadas lindas.

  10. beautiful and inspiring crochet. lovely colors.


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