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Fresh mint tea in my gorgeous new glass teapot with delicious Dolfin chocolate, yay! | Emma Lamb

Hello my dears! You might have noticed the lack of a Monday post this week. I gave myself the day off yesterday to celebrate the coming of spring and getting yet another year older!

It was so lovely to have a quiet day all to myself. Lazing around watching some new (to me) films - Quo Vadis with Peter Ustinov and Appaloosa with Ed Harris, while sipping soothing mint tea made in my brand new glass teapot (which I am absolutely in love with btw, thank you my gorgeous man!) and nibbling some utterly delicious Dolfin chocolate (thank you again my gorgeous man!!!).

Below: Dolfin chocolate flavours are ginger, mint leaves, pink peppercorn and 88% cocoa. All delicious and wrapped in very pretty colours!

Delicious Dolfin chocolate - ginger, mint, pink peppercorn and 88% cocoa - yay! | Emma Lamb

It was so good to have a wee rest, you guys were right I did need it, thank you!

So today, despite Mr Lurgy still lurking in the shadows, I am feeling much brighter and ready to tackle the final leg of that 'to do list' before the fair. We have had wonderful wall to wall blue skies and sunshine in Edinburgh lately, so today I took the opportunity to photograph a bunch of new garlands. I'll drop in with those sometime tomorrow.

Until then my dears, I hope you all have the most perfectly perfect day... !
Emma, x

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  1. Happy Birthday Emma!!
    Love your teapot. :) Lovely that you had a relaxing day which sounds exactly what you needed!
    I'm just imaging beauitful Edinburgh in the sun. :)
    Vivienne x

  2. happy birthday for yesterday!

  3. happy belated b'day for yesterday. Sounds like you found a lovely way to spend the day.

    Mrs M

  4. ~~Happy Birthday~~
    Birthdays are the perfect time for a break-and a cup of tea and chocolate ;)

  5. sounds lovely. love your new teapot

  6. Happy Birthday...hope you are feeling better soon...

  7. Wow... happy birthday for yesterday my dear friend! What a nice bloke you've got, such lovely pressies! That teapot is stunning, but that chocolate... the colours!! Do so hope that nasty Mr Lurgy buggers off for good soon... seems like every time I check in he's hanging around :) xx

  8. Belated Birthday greetings, I'm pleased you took the day off and relaxed.
    Love,love,love your teapot and those chocolates look gorgeous.

  9. Happy Belated Birthday! You sent me off on a dangerous googling session with those pretty looking chocolate bars...

  10. Happy happy birthday to you, my friend! Sounds like you had a perfect day :)

  11. Oh my goodness gracious! Happy Birthday!!!! I am so sad that you've benn feeling a little icky lately ( I can relate). I hope that all the sunshine you've got will clear up Mr. Lurgy, and that all your lovely tea and chocolate will give you the boost you need to continue on with all your work. I love to see what you're up to next....but days off are well worth taking, and you my dearie...deserved one! :)


  12. Happy birthday! I've been wanting one of those glass teapots for awhile. They are just so pretty. I do have a couple of those little glass tea cups -- no handle, double- walled -- and I love drinking my tea from them. Enjoy your chocolate.

  13. Belated Happy Birthday wishes. Love your teapot!

  14. Hope you had a perfect day Emma. That chocolate looks fab I've never seen it here in sunny Portsmouth but I shall be sniffing it out now! Mint tea too! Just the best combination for relaxing!

  15. I got the choocolate from here in the UK


    Mark (Emma's man)


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