colour palette : you're making me blush!

colour palette : you're making me blush - curated by Emma Lamb
colour palette : you're making me blush - curated by Emma Lamb
Image credits: 1. Colourscapes :: Marisa Peterson, 2. Violet May, 3. Hip&Clavicle, 4. Ruti's Roots

Eeeeek! It's Friday again and that means the craft fair is only four weeks away, which in crocheting terms really doesn't feel like very long at all... *gulp* ...I just need to keep calm and crochet on!
Oh, but I am absolutely thrilled at the response you all gave my new organic pot holders and spring garland colours, thank you so much for all your kind words!

But today is Friday and Friday's are all about the colour palettes, right!? Last year I remember I was head over heels for all things mustard yellow or teal and turquoise shades, but this year I have to say I'm really feeling the pink trend. Particularly these blushing, rosy, peachy pinks after squeezing in a wee spot of Etsy window shopping and finding these gorgeous pieces. How incredible is this folded paper bowl!? If you love that you will love taking a peek at Ruti's other stunning paper creations. She must have so much skill and patience!!!

Wishing you all a fabulous weekend,
Emma, x

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  1. I find myself drawn to these colors lately, photos, creations, blog posts. Beautiful finds!

  2. The color palette is uplifting and just what I needed to see on a rainy morning. The paper-folded bowl is incredible!

  3. Emma I adore your blog, it's so pretty, colourful and inspiring! I have nominated you for a stylish blogger award Louise x

  4. These colors are just perfect for the arrival of Spring. Very uplifting for the spirit. :)

  5. I am obsessed with pinks and grays this year... YUM

  6. Love the photo you posted. A wonderful creation!!
    Chris :o)

  7. Such lovely pinks Emma, usually I would be going mad for them myself, however our home seems to be turning into a haven of greens and blues at the moment. Maybe I'm yearning for the outside after such a dark cold winter!
    Anyway keep up the crochet those 4 weeks are going to whizz by.


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