colour palette : sombre reflection

colour palette : sombre reflection - curated by Emma Lamb
Image credits: 1. Camilla Engman, 2. Lune Vintage, 3. jessamae22, 4. Rosa Pomar

I'm finding it difficult to be upbeat today, despite the sun finally shining! I feel tired and that awful Mr Lurgy is lurking around here somewhere! Oh, and this is my third attempt to write this post as the damn page keep crashing!
My man has instructions to bring home a bottle of wine for a cosy evening in, but until then I am pottering around the house trying (not very hard!) to do a wee bit of work here and there. Although it was good to take a wee break from that (!) to put together this colour palette for us. It is quite a sombre one I know, but it gave me a moment to reflect on the events of this last week and month. I hope it can do the same for you if you need it?

Remember to take the time to enjoy the wee things in life and I wish you all safe and peaceful weekend,
Emma, x

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  1. you are working so hard for the fair that I think it would do you good to leave it for a couple of days. I've been there, it really can make you ill and then you won't enjoy the experience. Try and take a break from it.

  2. Still, it's really beautiful Emma! Yes, seems like the world is literally falling apart around our ears.. it's all sobering stuff. As Karen says rest well before the fair. Hope you're feeling better soon xx

  3. Hello Missy
    It's hard when you're working to a deadline and you've run out of energy and enthusiasm for it. It won't do you any harm to take a few hours (or even a day or two) off. It would be awful if you were unwell for the fair.

    I've just (finally!) posted some of my wedding pictures on my blog which might perk you up a bit - if just for a few minutes :o)

    Mrs Monda

  4. at least the sun is finally shining-that's a good thing :)
    love these colors they're dreamy and soothing...

  5. oh Emma... I think we all feel that need to reflect right now... (even though can't quite bring myself to do it yet). Have a restful weekend and enjoy that bottle x

  6. the colour pallet here is great! :)

  7. Your colours never cease to bring joy. x

  8. I love your color palettes! That dusty rose has been on my favorites for awhile now.

  9. It's a beautiful colour palette Emma very calming. Anyway look after yourself really well lock the door to Mr Lurgy as he LOVES stress and overwork (that's you with all that crocheting) I know I'm still doing battle with him. Getting outside is good and rest, rest, rest which is probably what you really need to do. I know what you're saying "too much to be done, not enough time." which is the eternal problem. Failing that the wine should help and a big hug!
    Hope you feel better and full of beans soon. ♥


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