thank you sweet blogging buddies!

Hello my dears, today I have a few thank yous I want to say to a few lovely blogging folk. Either for being so kind as to honour me with a wee award or with a wee blog post about me and my lovely ladies over the last couple of weeks.

Image credits: 1. The Wheatfield, 2. Delightfully noted, 3. Wit and Whistle, 4. Beau Ideal

First up is the lovely Helen, of Serendipity Child, and Carina, of, both of whom awarded me the 'Stylish Blogger Award', thank you so much you guys!

Secondly is the ever so lovely Beth, of The Linen Cat, who was kind enough to feature a custom garland I made for her recently alongside some of her own gorgeous crafty creations, I love those wee birds! Please do check out her lovely blog and Folksy shop... :)

Thirdly is the equally love Claire, of Paint Drops Keep Falling, who was the lucky winner of miss Edith. She was super kind to blog about miss Edith and send me a gorgeous wee gift card featuring one of her tiny hand painted cupcake artworks, I absolutely love it miss Claire!

Fourthly was miss Danielle, of Curious Key, who surprised me with a whole blog post about my wee studio and my lovely ladies. Thank you Danielle... !

Lastly, but certainly by no means least as I'm going in chronological order here, is a thank you to the lovely Elizabeth, of Rosalilium, who generously awarded me with the 'A Blog with Substance' Award. The idea of this award is to describe what blogging means to you with five words, so here are mine...

~ inspiration ~ connection ~ sharing ~ support ~ positivity ~

If you have a moment to spare and don't mind sharing, I would love to hear what five words you would use to describe your blogging experience. Will they all be positive or have you not found blogging to be as rewarding as some have? I'm intrigued... :)

Emma, x

ps ~ If there is anyone I have forgotten I do apologise and send a huge thanks to you too!

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  1. Inspiring, community, friendship, encouraging, fun !!
    I think that sums blogging up! :)
    Vivienne x

  2. Hi Emma, thanks for the thanks :) and your work is so lovely I'd be happy to chat on about on my blog anytime. Bethx

  3. Well you do have a very stylish blog!

  4. We could carry on this thank you, thanking me thing..... :)

    5 blog exp words...

    community, inspiring, world enlarging, opportunity, show and tell.

    Claire x

  5. friendship, creativity, envy, worship, love..

  6. Hmmm so many words Emma hard to choose just five, however;
    pretty much sums it up :o)


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