colour pinning : bright geometry

colour pinning : bright geometry / picks by Emma Lamb
Image credits: 1. FineLittleShop, 2. my funny eye, 3. The Rug Company, 4. PataPri, 5. Grady McFerrin ~ via Cafe Cartolina, 6. Debbie Powell ~ via design*sponge

Hello my dears!
I wouldn't call it an obsession (not yet at least!) but lately I seem to be drawn to all things geometric, graphic and angular. Quite strong and bold shapes in a beautiful rainbow of colours. I'm not sure why this is, maybe because I'm crocheting lots of pretty wee flowers lately and somehow I'm trying to find a balance. Or maybe there is an idea itching to be realised but I'm just not seeing it yet. Who Knows!? But until I figure it out I'm happy collecting such gorgeous finds over on my Pinterest boards!

Wishing you all the most wonderful day,
Emma, x

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  1. these are some really pretty picks. thanks for sharing.

  2. I really like what is happening in #4 especially, great choices!

    Don't you just love Pinterest! I'll try to find you on there. :)

  3. Beautiful finds! Love your blog!

  4. Loving the colours, textures and designs. Great inspiration. It'll just come to you in a flash twinks. I haven't spent much time on Pinterest maybe I should give it a chance. I think I'm following you, I shall go and check. Toodle pip for now. Ionwen XXX

  5. I'm a new reader but I'm quickly coming to realize that there is no lack of colour when I come visit your space. Beautiful.

  6. beautiful finds. love number 5, and the others :)

  7. Just love these inspirational picks Emma!!


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