colour your monday happy...

With vintage inspired, pretty spring pastels... :)

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Image credits: 1. jutta / kootut murut, 2. it's a chimmy simmy CONFETTI GARDEN, 3. wood & wool stool, 4. PataPri, 5. ·Karen Barbé·

Good morning my dears, I hope you all had a fabulous weekend... !?
Mine was filled with some much needed spring cleaning. It was so good to open all the windows and let the fresh spring breeze blow the wintry cobwebs away. Oh and the whole place filled with that wonderful smell of clean laundry drying in the sunshine, so lovely... :)
I did get a whole pile of crochet done too but it wasn't all work, there were lazy mornings with breakfast in bed and long dog walks around Arthur's Seat... :)
With that and the glorious blue skies we have over Edinburgh this morning I'm feeling light and fresh and quite excited about some of the crochet projects I have planned for this week... more about them later though... :)
Until then I hope you're enjoying my 'all colours in' picks for today!? Some pretty pastels with a lovely vintage spring vibe going on... :)

Happy, happy Monday to you all... !
Emma, x

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  1. How lucky you have been - flinging open those windows. Spring cleaning remains on my list of things to do and the sky here remains either grey or raining. You must feel cleansed. x

  2. Oh there's nothing nicer than line dried washing and open windows! We are looking for the sun down here in the south. Having to make our own, have just put up my March crocus inspired window garlands and the are very cheery!
    happy crocheting Emma ♥

  3. Sounds like you're having better weather in Scotland than dreary old Greece. I haven't seen the sun for a week! I love that fresh, clean spring air feeling! Loving your 'all colours in' choices today :)

  4. åhhh, I just love all the picturs in your pastell vintage case!



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