colour your monday happy...

With cornflower and sky blues with bright juicy orange... :)


Image credits: 1. cornflowerbluestudio, 2. rainingsheep, 3. colorful senses, 4. {brooke} april two eighty, 5. Happy Find

Hello my dears, I hope you all had a great weekend... !?
How gorgeous is this collection today!? I love the combination of those strong blues and bright oranges, it feels very refreshing on this chilly Monday morning. Don't you just love Raina's dining room!? Those stunning tulips against her beautiful cornflower blue wall with the sunlight streaming in... just beautiful! Oh, and Happy Find's pincushion, how cute is that... !?

I'm off to tidy my wee studio this morning, it seems to have got into quite a state over the last couple of weeks of manic crocheting and I can't think through the chaos! It will be good to put my hooks down for a couple of hours too, it might even give me time to pick up my camera again... !

Wishing you all a great Monday,
Emma, x

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  1. Fanatastic colours on this bleak dull morning. Love the crocheted flowers. Wonder where they will end up? Happy Monday to you. x

  2. Gorgeous colours! Those fabrics and the tulip photo are beautiful.

  3. I'm so into tulips at the moment and the colour I bought this weekend - orange! :)
    Vivienne x

  4. thankyou for including my fabric! :)

  5. great photos, thanks for including my shisha stitch embroidery!

  6. I have a studio tidy up planned too! Hope yours is getting on better than mine!

  7. Very cool!
    Fanatastic colours....
    Love the crocheted flowers :D
    Thank you!!!!

  8. What a fab combo. really uplifting

  9. Thank you for including my crocheted flowers! :)


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