colour palette : spring in my studio

a.w.o.l. | Emma Lamb

Hello my dears!
Sorry for going 'awol' yesterday but I'm thinking it may become a regular occurrence over the next few weeks as I gear up for the Selvedge Spring fair. I really want to get together a wide and varied collection for it, so to achieve the mammoth amount of crocheting I have planned I'm going to have to curb my computer time for a wee while.
Of course I won't be gone completely, I'll still be here for my regular Monday and Friday posts because they're such a great part of my creative motivation. It's just that I won't have the time to trawl Etsy and Flickr for as many gorgeous finds as usual. Instead you will have to put up with the odd post of what I'm working on!

So this was my view yesterday while I happily worked on a bunch of new organic pot holders. I'm loving my new shelf arrangement with lots of white and pops of bright springy colours. Yesterday it really did feel like spring for the first time, it felt a wee bit warmer than usual and the sun was shining bright. You could almost smell the newness in the air.

spring blossom | Emma Lamb
Kokeshi cutie | Emma Lamb
colour palette : spring in my studio - by Emma Lamb

What better inspiration for today's colour palette that my very lovely 'springy' shelves!? I hope you love it and my wee 'Kokeshi cuties' just as much as I do?)

Oh, and before I go off to crochet yet more pot holdering goodness I want to say a huge, nay enormous 'thank you' to every one who took the time to vote for me in the Handmade Olympics. Thanks to you all my wee garlands brought home the Gold medal for Britain! Woo-hoo! I am completely thrilled, grateful and quite heart warmed by your generosity...

I do hope you all have the most wonderful weekend whether it is 'springy' or not,
Emma, x

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  1. Wow! Looks absolutely gorgeous! :D

  2. what a pretty studio. i love the clutter, i love the calm of it. and especially those pretty pink knitted things.
    i wish my studio looked like this, but, alas, it is not meant to be...not until the much-dreaded spring cleaning :)

  3. What a lovely inspiring workspace you have!
    Congratulations on your well-deserved gold medal. :)
    Thanks too for the lovely fresh and spring-y colour palette.
    Have a great weekend!
    Vivienne x

  4. Gracias por dejarme echar un vistazo en tu rincón, lleno de color y encanto. Tienes un blog delicioso. Un saludo. Inma

  5. Congratulations on GOLD in the Handmade Olypics.
    Your new pot holder are very pretty. Are they for the Fair or the shop? ♥

  6. Looks beautiful! And, congrats to you on your gold medal -- you really deserved it!

  7. All looks scrummy. I always enjoy reading your blog. :)

  8. I absolutely love your inspiring white shelves - just gorgeous! Well done on your gold medal! Have a lovely weekend. Helen x

  9. Hello Emma,
    Divine creations & the colours are so"alive".
    I came across your work from Selvidge Newsletter & the name Lamb always makes me curious as my ggg was Mary Lamb from Montrose...
    Good Luck with the magazine gig
    Barb Smith

  10. Hello you!
    It's been ages since I've left a comment, in fact you'll see I have changed somewhat in name since last! Just wanted to say, beautiful inspiring work space and great colours. Also noticed first from an email and then on your site that you're taking part in Selvedge Spring Fair - just wanted to say Congrats, really thrilled for you and hope it goes really well x

  11. Woo Hoo, for sure! Congratulations to you.

    I am getting emails from Selvedge about that spring fair, and really wish that the fair was not an entire ocean away.

    Wishing you lots of well deserved success on the day.


  12. What a beautiful studio you have, so wonderful with white and bright tones. And your blog is beautiful and pure inspiration :)
    Have a wonderful saturday!

  13. A wonderful work space! So bright and still so pure. Enjoy your weekend too!

  14. Well done you lovely. Fabulishious work space. Soo inspiring. Have a supa weekend. XXX

  15. Yay! Enormous congratulations on your win! It is very much deserved my dear.

    I am also liking your "kokeshi cuties" very much! ;)

    Best wishes for finishing all your lovely crochet projects!


  16. This is my first visit. I too love color and love your color palette in this post. I'll be back!

  17. Great Spring colours Emma!
    Your workspace is very gorgeous and so organised, love all the little bits and pieces so inspiring :o)

  18. Congratulations with the medal! And I can almost smell the fresh UK air again as you explained the spring cleaning!!! Have a good week. Carina x

  19. the shelves look so pretty! full of tresures!...i have yet to set up a craft area...(use closets to store stuff...isn't a great setup!)...but when i do...hope it looks as pretty as that!

  20. I love reading your blog because it is just the most lovely eye candy. However, I have recently started to get more interested in fashion and dressing stylishly, and I have found inspiration from you! I love your color palettes because I am so afraid of mixing colors "wrong", but every color in your palette works just as well with just about any other, so I have a ready-made color guide! Thank you!


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