today I'm loving : Winter colours week with Poppytalk

Talking of of winter colours, here are some of my favourites from last weeks 'Winter Colours Week' over on Poppytalk...

A few of my favourites from Poppytalk's Winter colours week, 2011 | Emma Lamb
Line 1 - 1. RitaFinn, 2. linaloo1, 3. la.daridari, 4. ethanollie, 5. artstreamstudios;
Line 2 - 1. knitalatte11, 2. Maggie Marsek, 3. CozyMemories, 4. jennyndesign, 5. kristin~mainemomma;
Line 3 - 1. knitalatte11, 2. Bekkah, 3. mary vican, 4. lucyjan, 5. jek in the box;
Line 4 - 1. quercus design, 2. IlluminatedPerfume, 3. domesticali, 4. Lizzie Staley, 5. Scarlett Design;
Line 5 - 1. CozyMemories, 2. xanthe berkeley, 3. Telling Stories / Hettle, 4. Telling Stories / Hettle, 5. artsymama

I love this wee feature that Jan runs to celebrate the changing colours of the seasons and I'm always fascinated with everyones interpretations of those colours. To see the all the other inspirational images submitted for this seasons edition check out the Flickr pool too.

I shall be back later to announce a winner of my wee giveaway,
Emma, x

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  1. thanks for linking me!
    nice collage,

  2. Love your blog, I'm really into colour too:D I noticed your etsy badge under your profile pic, how do you put one on your blog, I'm trying to start up on etsy too?
    Tracy x

  3. I love the photo in the top row with the bricks and stones!

  4. You are most welcome Daria... :)

    Tracy ~ that link to my wee shop is an 'Etsy mini'... if you already have an Etsy account you'll need to log in then go to 'Your Etsy' and look for the 'Promote' section in the left hand coloumn and it should be listed there. Follow the link and follow the instructions to get the code you need to add it to a wee widget in tour blog. I hope that's clear to you... :)

    Emma, x

  5. Oh my this is such a lovely wintery collection x

  6. such a beautiful collage...thank you very much for including mine!!

  7. Wow, thank you for including my photo! I really enjoy reading your blog, so it's kind of a thrill to see my name up there.


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