drumroll please...

I have a winner to announce!
Although first, I must confess that I have spent most of the morning pondering clever and witty ways in which to choose a winner. But despite my concentrated pondering I was severely lacking in anything witty or even vaguely clever. So when my Man called me a few minutes ago the very first thing I said to him (after 'Hello' and 'Hold on a sec I've got a mouthful of sandwich!') was 'Pick a number between 1 and 85!'...

Emma Lamb's Penny Garland giveaway winner has been announced!

Of course he politely did and that number was... 72!

So the lovely winner of miss Edith is Paint Drops Keep Falling, aka Claire Leggett, who wrote...

"Emma, I love your use of colour, your use of the word 'wee' and your hard work trawling Fickr for the most inspiring photo's and colour palettes."

Thank you so much to Claire and everyone else who took the time to enter this wee giveaway with a few words of support for this wee blog of mine. It is such a pleasure for me to be able to share my inspirations with you here and to know that you appreciate them and maybe even find some inspiration for yourself is just wonderful!

Thank you all so much and I do hope you all have the best day possible!
Emma, x

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  1. Congrats to Claire...and keep up the great work, Miss Emma!

  2. Oh well done to Claire - I had convinced myself I was going to win! Love the excitement of a give-away!

  3. Emma - thank you I'm stoked to win such a beautiful handmade creation. I'm REALLY looking forward to receiving it. Thank you. Claire x


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