colour palette : a january morning

colour palette : a january morning curated by Emma Lamb
colour palette : a january morning curated by Emma Lamb
Image credits: 1. ?, 2. the vamoose, 3. leVintageMaison, 4. toshi*

Happy, happy Friday!

It's quite a mild and soggy January morning here in Edinburgh today. It seems that the snow my have gone, for now at least, and has been replaced with the good old British rain. It almost feels like the spring is just around the corner, but as we're only midway through January I know it's not, not yet.

The light is beautiful today though, crisp and clear. The sun is shining on a few grey clouds, so the colours are looking much like today's palette. Murky winter greys with soft golds, washed out greens and blues. Although I am missing the snow and not enjoying the rain (which is causing some very frizzy hair issues!) it is good to see a wee bit more colour creep into the world. Methinks it won't be long before the snow drops and crocuses are popping up here there and everywhere!

Oh, and thank you to everyone who gave me such a warm welcome back after the holidays! It has been lovely getting back to work this week and already there have been one or two exciting things happening. I shall tell you more about them next week and maybe I'll even hold a wee celebratory give away!

Until then, have a fabulous weekend,
Emma, x

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  1. Totally gorgeous post - a feast for my eyes!!

  2. Ahh when you describe Edinburgh, I always want to be there! :)
    Sounds like your weather is like ours today.
    Love the colour palette, it's definitely moving towards spring colours!
    Have a great weekend Emma. :)
    Vivienne x

  3. love these colors-bluish greys, very nice!
    we're supposed to have rain and snow monday :0
    take care~

  4. I love this palette - I wish I had clothes to layer in all these pretty colours. It's murky and miserable down south today too :o(

    Miss M

  5. Beautiful colors!!! They feel almost like early spring! Here in the Rocky Mountains we still have three feet of snow...with no end in sight! *sigh* Thanks for sharing your beautiful choices!


  6. Delightful colors, so well put together!

  7. Beautiful colors!!! I love this palette.

  8. I really enjoy your color palettes so very much--I'm having a redo of my interiors, and they give me so many inspiring ideas. Thanks! :)

  9. Love those colours :-) Here in Copenhagen the snow is melting, revealing a lot of gray. Next week should bring more snow... I long for spring!

  10. oh...i'm jealous! i LOVE edinburgh! and your use of the word "wee" made me smile...once when i was in edinburgh our room got screwed up and there wasn't a bed for my daughter (who was i think 5 at the time). when we asked one of the housekeeping ladies if it was possible to get another bed put in the room she saw my daughter and exclaimed "oh...i didn't realize you had a wee little blondie!" we've called her that ever since and i even mentioned it on my blog last thursday. such a beautiful city...and wonderful people!


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