colour your monday happy...

with thoughts of summer picnics and yummy seasonal food...

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okay, so i'm a complete fool... !
hoping for picnic weather... on a bank holiday weekend... in Britain... !
ha... !
it was cold, it was windy and it was wet... :(

so this morning ~ with more rain forecast despite the clear blue sky that is out there just now! ~ i am having to content myself with these lovely 'picnic-y' looking pictures from 'all colours in...' and hope that next weekend will be better... :)

today i have lots of orders to pack up ready for shipping, which i'm really looking forward to as i love the 'ritual' of wrapping with pretty papers and ribbons. it is always so very therapeutic and a way for me to kinda say farewell to my ladies before they set off to start a new life in a lovely new home... :)

what are your plans for today? and did anyone, anywhere manage to get a picnic in this weekend? i do hope so... !

colour palette : pretty spring florals

colour palette : pretty spring florals - curated by Emma Lamb
colour palette : pretty spring florals - curated by Emma Lamb
Image credits: 1. {eclaire}, 2. Three Red Apples, 3. Maggie&Sparrow, 4. minna.karuski

What's not to love? Beautiful, bright, fresh, clean colours. Aa wee bit girlie, a wee bit vintage, a lot of flowery and a whole lot of 'granny chic' loveliness! What more could you ask for!?

Well I have had a great week getting back into my blogging routine! Thank you all so much for your lovely comments both here and over on my new Facebook pages, you have given me tons to be smiley about! Now I'm just hoping that the gorgeous sunny weather we've been having (apart from the freak hail stone shower yesterday!?) will continue over the weekend so that we can enjoy a picnic or two. Keeping my fingers crossed!

Wishing you all a delightful weekend, whether you're picnicing or not,
Emma, x

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pattern crush : rediscovering Hanna Werning

pattern crush : rediscovering Hanna Werning | Emma Lamb

I'm a big fan of Hanna Werning's designs and have blogged about her in the past when I used some of her wrapping paper and postcard designs in a mood board
as I'm not designing as much as I used to at the moment it has been a while since I've thought about her work.

shoptalk : so I finally did it!

Me and my lovely ladies finally joined Facebook! | Emma Lamb

After resisting for so long I have finally caved in and joined the millions of others who are on Facebook! I say 'resisted' but really it didn't take much effort on my part, not having the interest, inclination or a mobile kinda helped. Yep, you heard me right! I'm very proud to tell you that I am one of those rare creatures who doesn't own a mobile phone and doesn't have the first clue about texting and whatnot. Many have tried to persuade me of the benefits of owning such a device, but all their attempts have failed. Woo-hoo! Don't get me wrong, I'm not some kind of mad hermit lady who sits in a cave crocheting all day not talking to anyone except her wee man (although occasionally some days are a wee bit like that!) it's just that I plain don't like them and think they're the height of bad manners! Oh yeah, and if I'm browsing the internet, or obsessively checking my Etsy and Flickr pages and whatnot, I want to do it on my computer which is linked up to lovely TV sized monitor. None of this piddly wee screen nonsense that gives me a kinda motion sickness nausea! Hmmm, I'm ranting a bit here!?

Anyhoo, if you're still reading this and haven't run away in fear of the 'mad hermit lady' you can find my shiny new Facebook page here and if you don't mind stopping by to give it a wee 'like' you would make the 'mad hermit lady' very happy indeed!

Wishing you all a happy Wednesday!
The 'mad hermit lady', x

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colour your monday happy ~

~ with summery loveliness... :)

~ sewingobsessed ~

hello and good morning to you all, i hope you all had the most fabulous week while i was away!? thank you so much for all your lovely 'get well' wishes, i am feeling so much better and healthier after a good rest and a few days of glorious sunny weather ~ always good for the soul... :)
so yes! it has been beautiful here in the UK, so warm and wonderful ~ and this morning while browsing through all the lovely new submissions to 'all colours in...' this summery collection just seemed to speak to me and you can't argue with that! i do hope they are bringing you some warm summery vibes this morning too!?

wishing you all a wonderfully sunny day!

an unexpected wee break...

Hello my lovelies!

These last few days I have been struck down with a really, really, really nasty flu bug. So much so that this is the first time in three days that I've been able to haul myself out of my sickbed! I'm still feeling really rotten and in need of lots of rest, so I'm going to give myself a week off from blogging and close the shop for a few days. As soon as I'm feeling more human again I shall be catching up with all my messages and e-mails, and of course I shall be in touch with all my lovely customers who have placed orders recently.

So until Monday 24th, I wish you all the most fabulous week!
Emma, x

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blog crush : Color Collective

blog crush : Color Collective | Emma Lamb

You know how much I love a good colour palette, don't you? Well since I discovered the Color Collective blog - via this equally colourful blog - I have been absolutely smitten with Lauren Willhite's inspirational colour palettes and her eye for the gorgeous imagery which she draws her inspiration from......

Etsy favourites : suggested shop feature

Etsy's new 'suggested shops' feature - which does exactly what it says on the tin and suggests shops you might quite like based on your current Etsy faves, how perfect is that!? Seriously, it is so addictive that it has been instantly added to my 'things I must do before I even consider getting dressed in the morning' list!

colour your monday happy...

...with a wee bit of dreamy vintage styling...

~ Holly☼ ~

~ lush bella ~

~ pretty life photography ~

~ T Does Wool ~

~ Favouritemoment ~

...oh how I wish I had a plate full of Holly's pretty wee cupcakes with their perfect 'granny knicker pink' coloured icing ~ ever so 'granny chic!' I've been noticing a few yummy cupcake pictures popping up around the blog-o-sphere lately, such as here and here. the more colourful and 'sugary' looking they are the more I want them! it's been such a long time since I've made cakes of any kind ~ carrot cake, banana bread, chocolate brownie cake or even the good old lemon drizzle ~ I really must try harder and set aside some quality cake time... ;) always, remember to pop on over to 'all colours in...' if you need to kick start your Monday morning with a burst of beautiful colour!

...before I go I must say a huge thank you to the 'jippety jappety happy' Mitsy, of ArtMind, for her wee post this morning... :)

...and lastly a huge Congratulations to my dear blogging buddy miss Leanda who tied the knot with her man this weekend ~ Congratulations my gorgeous friend!


colour palette : red details

red details, Flickr mosaic curated by Emma Lamb
colour palette : red details - curated by Emma Lamb
Image credits: 1. super ninon, 2. dottie angel, 3. sweetjessie, 4. *Leanda

I may have mentioned this once or twice before, but red is my all time favourite colour! I love it's vibrant energy and that's why I'm especially loving these pretty images in today's colour palette. It's not the biggest feature in any of them, but without it I think the rest of the colours would look a wee bit flat and sludgy. What do you think?

I'm feeling so inspired by this palette today that I've made up one of my 'forever flower garlands' in just these colours. Let me introduce you to the lovely Miss Sylvie!

Miss Sylvie, hand crochet Forever Flower Garland by Emma Lamb

She's reminding me that the summer isn't that far away anymore, yay!

A happy and colourful weekend to you all,
Emma, x

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