colour your monday happy...

Inspired by Annamaria Potamiti's stunning artwork 'Delight me', (pictured first). I absolutely adore her style and use of colours in this mixed media painting and thought it would be the perfect inspiration for a few other 'all colours in' finds that can delight us all, enjoy... :)

~ image credits: 1. annamariapotamiti, 2. Trisha Brink Design, 3. darlingsavage, 4. andrea creates, 5. *Leanda ~

Well, hopefully you like yummy macaroons and vintage crafting supplies as much as I do!? Oh, and if you love Annamaria's artwork too you should definitely take a peek at the rest of her Flickr photo stream, or better still her fabulous Etsy shop... !

Wishing you all the most wonderful Monday!
Emma, x


  1. lovely...lovely, do you not love being inspired? Your site is delightful.

  2. Love that crochet hook holder, very pretty!

  3. such an honor to be featured here among all these pretty things! thanks :)

  4. Love Annamaria's work. Her new paintings have such a freedom of spirit, don't you think? Great choice :) Kx

  5. I really need to keep up don't I... thank you so much for including me my dear, hugs L x


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