good reads : Gifted from Creature Comforts

Gifted Magazine from the incredibly talented Ez, of Creature Comforts.

Ez has been working so hard over the last few months putting together her very first christmas gift guide. I have to say, and I'm sure you'll agree once you've had a peek, that she has done the most amazing job! She has gathered together some fabulous holiday gift ideas, a few Q&A's from some wonderful bloggers in the 'Bloggers Dish' section, a whole bunch of inspiring projects from some great designer makers (I absolutely love the leafy fabric twist ties!) and so, so much more!

I know I will be taking lots of Gifted inspiration for this holiday season. Do you think it's too early to early to start right now!?

Emma, x

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  1. love this magazine too! i actually haven't had a chance to sit down and really look through it, but once i do i'm sure i'll love it more.

    did you see the magazine via inspireco? that's super amazing too. here blog is

  2. Michael, thank you so much for this link...
    I hadn't seen it yet and you're right it is great too! I've only had a very quick peek but have already spied a couple of very cute projects that I'd love to try. I shall brew myself a cup of tea and have a good read later today... :)
    Thanks again,
    Emma, x

  3. I just came from the inspireco 'magazine' to this-I think I'm having inspiration overload at the moment,lol :)
    Thanks for sharing this too :)
    Have a wonderful day~

  4. I just checked the Gifted Magazine out the other day--a very cute publication! :)

  5. It is absolutely not too early to start right now! By November I always feel stretched to my limit and just love getting into the Christmassy spirit of things to cheer me up.


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