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Today I'm feeling a wee bit hazy...

Since the clocks went back at the weekend my sleeping pattern seems to have been thrown all out of whack. These last few days have felt a wee bit strange, like I'm in a daze, a bit dreamy and hazy. Almost like there's a fog over my mind and my thoughts. Not such a bad thing really, it just feels like I'm bumbling my way through the day, kinda like jet lag I suppose.
The wee man is feeling it too. The dark nights are confusing him and he thinks we're forgetting to feed him, having to wait a whole extra hour more than usual. I can't begin to try and figure the maths to work out how long that would be in doggy time! Poor wee soul!

Anyway, there's some random mumblings from me this Wednesday afternoon. How is yours going... ?
Emma, x

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  1. the clocks have not changed yet (I think/hope) here in Ontario. but the mornings are glorious, crisp,clear and very chilly.

  2. Wednesday afternoon I am feeling little bit dark, I am tired but i need to sew !


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