i heart flickr, part 3...

Wow, it's midweek already! The last couple of days seem to have whizzed past in a wee blur of frantic organising and writing. I've still got a whole lot to get done before the week is out but I'm slowly but surely getting on top of the huge 'to do' list that keeps taunting me! Thankfully the wild weather is taking a wee break today and the sun is shining bright. Someone must have heard my wee plea for some sunny light because I really need it today to snap some pretty pics around my studio... eek! I'm saying no more... ;)

So anyhoo, for this midweek moment of calm I thought some suitably calming images from our Flickr groups would be perfect. I absolutely love the faded pastel shades in this wee collection. They are so well placed in the vintage floral textiles and I love the textures of these reclaimed 'shabby' wood plaques by Wood & Wool Stool...

~ all colours in... : wood & wool stool ~

~ granny chic... : kristenaderrick ~

~ ■ knit ■ solid ■ yarn ■ : Sparrowsalvage ~

Now I must not get distracted with hunting down a pretty white lotus bowl for my colourful pins, or searching out my beloved bamboo knitting needles to whip up something warm and cosy. Well, at least not til I've tackled that mammoth 'to do' list... hmpf!

Wishing you all a wonderful Wednesday,
Emma, x


  1. This trio of posts has made me smile.

    I want a white bowl for my pins now too!

  2. i'm so with you on the pale and interesting at the moment emma :) gorgeous choice of pics as ever

  3. I love all these photos. I feel inspired....


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