five festive things I'm loving right now

Because while I'm here organising photos and whatnot for the shop I'm getting distracted looking at baubles, garlands, tinsel and all things that are festive and lovely... :) Here are a few turquoise and aqua inspired pretties I found today over on Etsy...

five festive things I'm loving right now | Emma Lamb
Clockwise from top left: efinegifts | Zime | Pom Love | 5gardenias

Be prepared for a few more of these during the lead up to Christmas because there is so much gorgeous-ness out there that is just begging to be shared!

Have you had snow yet? It's coming here and soon! It's so cold today too, which is making me feel even more festive if that's possible?!
Emma, x

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  1. ..really rushing here but just saw this on FB and had to pass by and say how gorgeous your choices are again my dear!

    Happy Wednesday to you!
    Iro-Ivy ~ xoxo

    P.S: I'll get dow to this FB questionaire when things rest here!

  2. Gosh they are pretty and I love the first picture.

    Nina x

  3. Beautiful blue for Christmas.

  4. Thanks for sharing with us all the pre-Xmas pictures ! We don't have snow in Paris yet but it's freezing cold and it really fells like winter !
    And another thank you for leading me to Pinterest : I love it !

  5. Such lovely decorations- I can't wait to start putting up my decs x

  6. Thanks for including my garlands here Emma :)
    Love these finds {am an aqua fanatic!}

  7. They are all just gorgeous but I do soooo love Belinda's bunting :) Another early snow in the UK this year? That's so exciting! We were in London early December last year and couldn't believe our luck with the snow arriving early - so beautiful. Kx

  8. Love the blue pom! Sending some warmth your way from Sydney. Lovely today but I think we are in for a hot, humid summer :)

  9. emma-- what a wonderful surprise to find my ornament from 5gardenias featured on your delightful blog-- many thanks to you and i wish you a wonderful holiday season!!



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