colour your monday happy...

With some snowy whites... :)

~ image credits: 1. Gálago, 2. rainingsheep, 3. David.L1, 4. All Things Bright, 5. IlgosSmilgos ~

So at last! Edinburgh is covered in a lovely blanket of white snow this Monday, yay! We woke up to almost four inches of it yesterday morning and almost constant falling flakes. It has been mostly the same this morning but now the sun shining and the city just looks so pretty... :) I know it's kinda early for the snow to arrive in the UK (we don't usually get any until January time) but I would much rather have this than the miserable rain... !
So to celebrate, today's collection of beautiful snowy white images from 'all colours in' are to pay homage to the snow... I know, kinda obvious really... ;)

I know lots of you lovely folks have lots of snow just now, so where ever you are I hope you have a fun and cosy Monday... :)

Emma, x


  1. make the day brighter with all that white arround !
    Lovely mood

  2. Yep, we have snow and the sun is shining here too and it is pretty!
    I bet beautiful Edinburgh is very pretty though!! :)
    Vivienne x

  3. Gorgeous snowy inspiration! Wishing it was snowing here! Have a sweet day!

  4. Thank you so much for putting the blanket I did with my friend in your round-up. So sweet and a lovely way to start the week. :)

  5. I have just discovered this blog, and I love it! This post is very pretty... Love the hearts on string - would love something like that for my white mantlepiece!

  6. really did made my day brighter. i love the colors, simple yet it feels so light when you look at them. btw, that cotton balls with beads caught my attention, they are very cute! i want to try that one...must be creative...lovely!


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