colour your monday happy...

With more soft greys and some lovely rustic tweed shades, enjoy... :)

~ image credits: 1. One Flew Over, 2. thelittlereddoor, 3. cauchy09, 4. sweetmyrtle, 5. i am le petit oiseau ~

Good morning my dears! How are you all this fine Monday morning, I hope you had a great weekend... !?
We were all set to visit family but were thwarted by a flat car battery! So instead of spending a lovely weekend with relatives we spent a slightly quieter but equally lovely weekend at home. Yesterday I had a lazy morning in bed before doing a spot of grocery shopping and then spent the afternoon in the kitchen making huge pots of soup, a tray of flapjack and a delicious seafood risotto for dinner. Its good to have a real 'homely' day every now and then... :)
Now back to today, I do hope you are enjoying these beautiful images from 'all colours in'? The tweedy shades are a richer and more varied take on Friday's 'november pastels'. I just love these seasonal colours and still can't get enough of these soft linen greys. Today I think they just look so good with red, orange, purple, green and gold jewel colours. What do you think ... ?

Wishing you all a less rainy Monday that Edinburgh is having... !
Emma, x


  1. Sounds a delicious Sunday. Love your blog and your photos. x

  2. Gorgeous colours and photos as always! Emma, you are being very polite about the weather. I can think of a different 'choice of words' than rain! Let's hope we see some sun this week.

  3. olá emma, obrigada por seu blog inspirador rsrssr, uma boa semana criativa pra vc !

  4. Love the linen grey and colourful buttons. It sounds like your weekend was divine even if you could't visit relatives as originally planned. Making lemonde when handed lemons, right?

  5. soup sounds good!car troubles are no fun...
    great photos-off to check them out :)

  6. just lovely!! delightful inspiration!
    Thanks for sharing!
    Many Blessings!

  7. Looove these pictures! They are really gorgeous. Have a nice (and hopefully sunny) week!

  8. Been raining here in Aberdeenshire too - 4 days in a row now...grim with the short daylight hours, nice to see your cheery little blog though x

  9. I love this colour combination! Really pretty. Sounds like you had a great homely day. Can't wait to have one of those myself once my kitchen is finished! :o)

  10. very lovely and I do fancy some of your risotto x


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