colour your monday happy : with fabulous fuchsia pink!

Mi Mitrika
Machteld M
Image credits: 1. ATLITW, 2. Mi Mitrika, 3. Machteld M, 4. katie-claire, 5. Littlegreenshed

How are you all this fine Monday morning, I hope you had a great Halloween weekend... !?

I was all set with my wine and popcorn for an evening of spooky films last night. We started with 'The Others' on Flim4 then made it through the first twenty minutes or so of 'White Noise' before the eyelids started drooping! Probably a wee bit too much wine combined with the clocks changing had me tucked up in my bed (and most probably snoring!) way before eleven... ha!

So today I'm feeling 'a wee bit out of sorts' shall we say. But these fabulous fuschia pink finds from 'all colours in' are doing a grand job of pepping me up. Really, what more does a girl need on a Monday than flowers, yummy yarn and crochet... !?

Emma, x


  1. Emma, what a wonderful surprise! Thank you so much for featuring my cosmos photograph, you've made my day! Lou x

  2. Ah, one of my favorite colors! Very pretty selections, Emma! And too funny, I was all set to watch The Others too for Halloween, but it didn't arrive in time :{


  3. You definately made me happy!

  4. I love fushia - the pics are lovely. Ah you were watching the same channel as me then! I did manage it through White Noise although I did get distracted towards the end!

  5. great colours! I'm in love with the yarn balls!

  6. I need some more yummy yarn colours after looking at this!!! GREAT pics :)

  7. Lovely pics. I'm not much one for scary movies. They tend to stay with me for days! Especially Wolf Creek. Goodness, that was a terrifying movie!

    Crochet sounds like a good answer to many a question. I had hoped to sit down to a bit of crochet and Mad Men while Cohen napped, but for some reason our hard drive has only recorded a black screen. Sigh.


  8. Seeing these pretty pinks truly brightened my day!

  9. oi emma sou susi do brasil, amo seu blog entro todo dia, e hj em especial pra dizer que copiei um trabalho seu e postei no blog seu tapete ficou lindo aqui em casa! um bjo susi

  10. Thanks for including my picture in this beautiful set! Fuchsia is great :-)

  11. A hearty congratulations to you, Emma! You are an inspiration to the crochet community.


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