colour you monday happy...

With snippets of pretty colour... :)

~ image credits : 1. pilli pilli, 2. Planet Fur, 3. super ninon, 4. LolaNova, 5. Dani Senske ~

Ah, back to the normal blogging routine and a lovely morning spent browsing 'all colours in'. It's kinda comforting, like slipping into your most cosy pair of slippers after spending the day in cold, muddy wellies... :)

It feels so good to start a fresh new week knowing that lots of things on the 'must do' list have been completed and crossed out. Of course there are still one or two things to tackle, but it does mean that this week I have more time for the equally important 'would like to do' list. I have a few crafty things I want to get started this week as well as spending time catching up around cyber land. My poor Pinterest boards have been neglected for far too long now... !

What is also making this Monday morning feel particularly great is that our building refurbishment work is coming to an end. Which means that after almost five months that horrible bright green debris netting has finally gone, as has most of the scaffolding. We are no longer bathed in a shadowy eerie green light whenever the sun shines and our wee world is looking so much brighter and lovely... yay!

I do hope you too have lots of things to make you smile this Monday morning... ?
Emma, x


  1. Welcome back! Still quite anxious to hear about this big news of yours...;) I love todays pretty pictures. Pilli Pilli always makes me happy.

  2. Hi Emma - just to let you know that I have passed on the beautiful blogger award to you x

  3. Have just been introduced to your lovely blog. x


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