delicious yarn : ivory, claret, turquoise and peach

Good morning my dears!
Today I thought I try a new idea for a line of yarn themed posts that I think you will love, at least I hope you will? I was struck with the inspiration when I saw this gorgeous shot of's beautiful silk flower brooches / hairpins...

Inspiring colours at, palette curated by Emma Lamb

I absolutely adore the colours and instantly imagined them as yummy yarns waiting to be whipped up into some gorgeous new project. Maybe a beautiful crochet blanket or even a pretty fair isle knitted cardigan, one that has a band of intricate pattern just around the neckline. Just thinking about it makes me wish I was better with my fair isle technique, which at the moment is pretty much non existent! Anyhoo back to my idea, which is to find a whole bunch of yummy yarns inspired by said gorgeous photograph. So without further ado, here are some very yummy yarns for to lust over and maybe even treat ourselves to!

delicious yarns in ivory, claret, turquoise and peach | Emma Lamb


  1. beautiful post, i feel v inspired now. I do love the colour of that last Pigeonroof yarn especially. And am also totally loving fairisle right now, and am similarly lacking in skills. The new Debbie Bliss magazine for autumn/winter has some projects that don't look too impossible for learning :)

  2. Oh yummy indeed Emma! I just love the colour names!! How brilliant is 'Robin's Egg'. :)
    Vivienne x

  3. Hi Emma

    Really enjoyed this post, and love your new blog banner by the way!
    Those wools are beautiful, I love the Dusty Rose sock yarn, and the Robins Egg is to die for!!

    Julia x

  4. Those are certainly beautiful yarns! I just had the pleasure of crocheting with some un-dyed organic cotton week before last, and I loved it! I can't wait to get my hands on more of it!

    Beautiful colors, by the way! Love your lust-worthy choices!

  5. Oh the possibilities... I too love and appreciate yarn just for it being yarn. Great post.


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