studio details: colourful outlook

Some new ladies, soon to be appearing in my wee shop!

studio details: colourful outlook | crochet by Emma Lamb

I have been editing photos all day and *I think* I have successfully managed to edit out the nasty green tinge cast by the scaffold netting that still surrounds out building. There is light at the end of the tunnel though, as it won't be long before all the work is complete and said scaffolding will be gone, yay! It has felt like a very long four months indeed, but it will be so worth it when our building is looking all spiffy and has a clean bill of health. Although I'm sure I won't be so pleased when the actual bill comes through... !

Anyhoo, back to the shop update, I'll be adding these ladies over the next few days. If you like you can keep a wee eye on my Facebook page for all the updates. I have already added wee Polly, a new petite flower garland, and two 'design your own' garland listings, one for my Forever Flower Garlands and one for my Petite Flower Garlands.

I hope you all had a much more interesting day than me!?
Emma, x

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  1. Hi Emma, I absolutely love those crochet cushions, they are beautiful! Sarah

  2. Hello Emma,

    that is sooooo sweet.
    I love your crochet with al the colors.

    greatings send you Conny

  3. I love the garlands... so sweet!

  4. The colours of your crochet are fabulous, so vintage, but so fresh and modern.You have a great eye for what goes together and I often check out your posts for ideas of colour combinations.I loved the recent tan and turquoise post.Thanks for the inspiration...

  5. Oh it's sooo lovely! Love the garland, love the cushions... love everything! I hope I crochet like you one day!

  6. Beautiful, all you have done. Your new logo looks very nice, I like it a lot!


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