colour your monday happy...

with a hint of pretty pink... :)

~ image credits : 1. Trisha brink Design, 2. onedressingup, 3. BrittanyJJackson, 4. super ninon, 5. vasilv_spb ~

Good morning my lovelies!
This morning you may have noticed one or two changes around here, hopefully you will think they are lovely ones? I'm especially pleased with my new 'flowery' banner, what do you think... !?
It's been quite a while since the last time I did a wee overhaul, mostly because I absolutely loved the look of my blog as it was. But this weekend I thought it was time for a wee change up and a fresh look for the autumn. I quite fancied something warm and pretty and, apparently, warm and pretty includes a whole lot of pinks reds and oranges!
So there you go, the inspiration for this morning's collection of lovelies from 'all colours in'. I certainly wouldn't mind having all of these around my wee studio to warm it up for the autumn. Especially miss Olivia Beauville, I'm sure she would do a grand job keeping me and the wee man company... I wonder if she's any good at making tea... !?
Now there are still a few changes to be made around here, a few tweaks and a wee bit more rearranging. It's just that I ran out of time yesterday as my man commandeered the computer to watch some American Football game or other. Not that I'm complaining you understand, because I'm so pleased he's doesn't follow British or European football ~ which, in my book, is mind numbingly dull... !
(Just thought I'd get that in there because I know he pops by occasionally and actually reads this stuff!)

Anyhoo, I do hope you all had a lovely weekend and I wish you all a fabulous Monday... :)


  1. I love you're new webloglook! Soft and warm. Good job!

  2. I love your new banner, Emma!! :)
    Vivienne x

  3. Thanks for such warm images. I needed a lift this October morning.

  4. Beautiful! As always! You certainly have style missy! Lou x

  5. I noticed the new banner right off. Just beautiful and a really fun post.

  6. I like the new look - it's very calming and tranquil.

  7. I did notice the banner and it looks really lovely. Do you have the patterns or where to get them for the flowers? I'd love to try them.

    love your blog!

  8. Your previous banner was wonderful, and this new one is also terrific...great to have a close up view of those color harmononies.

    You've made me laugh about your husband watching American football. I now live in New York, but was raised in one of the southern states, where college football simply ruled the world during autumn and early winter. I always found it crushingly boring...please don't tell anyone!


  9. the new banner is lovely, emma! love this post too--gorgeous!

  10. Pretty pictures and pretty new banner, Emma! I really love the little flowers on it :)
    Hope you are doing well,

  11. The new flowers are indeed more fall-looking, love it!

  12. Emma the new banner looks so great! I am glad you like Oliva, I think she could learn to make some tea and even pastries for you :)


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