shoptalk : one, two, three

Not one, not two, but three lovely ladies now sitting pretty on my shop shelves...

Muriel, round cushion cover hand crochet by Emma Lamb - Now in my Etsy shop!

Miss Muriel : A fabulous 'roundie' who has been lingering around my wee studio for far too long! She's been waiting for me to find a new supply of 'roundie' inserts before being able to make her debut, but today is the day and here she is in all her 'roundie' glory!

Evelyn, square cushion cover hand crochet by Emma Lamb - Now in my Etsy shop!

Miss Evelyn : A gorgeous green lady in my favourite square design made with a gorgeous wool and cotton blend yarn that is so deliciously soft and vibrant in colour!

Ingrid, square cushion cover hand crochet by Emma Lamb - Now in my Etsy shop!

Miss Ingrid : A lovely warm autumn inspired lady who is sporting some of my most favourite mustard coloured vintage buttons. Actually there was a wee disagreement about those buttons particularly when I realised that those, my most favourite buttons that I wanted to keep all to myself forever, were the only ones that suited her so perfectly! I'm not ashamed to admit that I tried every other button combination in my stash before eventually, and very reluctantly, giving up and acknowledging that Miss Ingrid and my most favourite buttons were a match made in heaven!

Emma, x

ps : no, I'm not secretly hoping that Miss Ingrid never finds a new forever home just so that I can keep her and my most favourite buttons, honestly I'm not!

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  1. Hello. I'm new to your blog, but will defintely be back. Gorgeous! x

  2. All gorgeous, but just love the colours in Miss Evelyn!
    Vivienne x

  3. I am in love with everything you make, just so very beautiful!

  4. These are beautiful Emma. The colour combinations are gorgeous.


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