colour your monday happy...

with an ode to the summer... !

~ image credits : 1. Ingthings, 2. Avalanche Looms, 3. isabellepobelle, 4. {brooke} gloryof_80s, 5. pilli pilli ~

good morning my lovelies, i do hope you all had wonderful weekends filled with lots of chocolaty goodness!?
i discovered some very yummy chocolaty goodness indeed... a wee espresso bar called 'Patisserie Madeleine' in the heart of Stockbridge (one of my most favourite parts of Edinburgh!) that makes the most delicious chocolate macaroons... so, so yummy! next time i indulge myself with this most delicious of chocolaty treats i shall do my very best to take a few pretty pics beforehand and invite you all to share in a lovely cup of tea and some chocolaty goodness... :)
now then, i think it's time to move on from all things chocolaty now as i think i've written chocolate and chocolaty quite enough times this morning... ;)

so in Edinburgh this morning it is beautifully bright and sunny, absolutely perfect for what is officially the last day of summer in the UK... !
to celebrate i have chosen an invigorating selection of bright and beautiful, summery images from'all colours in', with lots of energetic pinks, red and orange... the perfect way to kick start our Monday mornings, get rid of any autumn blues we might be feeling and officially say goodbye to the summer... :)


ps ~ i still have visitors visiting this week so i don't think i'll be able to drop in with my usual posts for most of the week, but i shall definitely be back on Friday with a new colour palette to take us into our weekends! til then, have a lovely one my dears... :)


  1. Lovely bright colours! It's a lovely morning here too.
    Bye, bye summer (sniff). :(
    Vivienne x

  2. What a lovely start of the week.
    What colors you've given us!

    Thanks for the smiles.

    Hugs & ♥♥♥s,

  3. You have such a wondeful eye for colour, Emma.

  4. Yes, gorgeous bright, sunny colours. Beautiful images. And glad you have discovered Patisserie Madeleine's macaroons! Aren't they amazing!

  5. love the summery images, between you & simply hue i am so encourage to find the time to join flickr :-)

  6. It's Thursday + I still have this post up - great way to start every day! Thanks!!

  7. hi Emma,

    Love your eye for colour and simple yet beautiful designs. Would you consider contributing in some way to Inside Crochet Magazine?


  8. lovely images :) thanks for sharing. Man, I wanna go to Edinburgh so badly!

  9. Seems like I'm visiting with people from England and Australia this evening. Have you ever tried putting peppermint in hot cocoa? Hope you are enjoying your company. I enjoy looking at your crochet and knitting. Terri


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